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Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of credit cards offered? If you compare the credit card providers with us, we will help you find a card that suits your needs. Lots of smaller card providers come under the umbrella of larger banking groups. Safe, efficient and reliable smart card readers for your business. Obtain quotes from qualified suppliers in the UK for all your business needs.

Viewspost provides suppliers with the option to pay by credit card via Comdat.....

Viewpost, the trusted online payment and payment services provider, today announces a strategic alliance with Comdata, one of MasterCard's major credit card companies in North America, to enable companies to offer their suppliers the ability to make payment using credit card processing. An ePayable is a 16-digit disposable credit card that allows suppliers to make safe and quick payment with good means.

Both payers and payees profit from these features, which improve liquidity performance, controls and safety. A recent Viewpost Online Invoicing and Payment study found that 65 per cent of companies reported credit card use as a key operational tool for managing their operations and 16 per cent said credit card use was the payment option of choice.

Immediate ePayable on the Viewpost ecosystem gives companies immediate control over checks, e-transactions, and credit card transactions at the push of a single key. Viewpost's new role is a further demonstration of its dedication to facilitating and democratising accessibility to advanced enterprise transactionservices.

As a result, this relationship will improve operating efficiencies for companies on both sides of the credit card payment process. Clients will be able to make credit card transactions with the same ease, convenience and safety that have become the hallmarks of Viewpost. In addition, by using credit card virtualization to bill suppliers, Viewpost typically offers popular card awards to companies spread across their entire spending volumes.

Locate Chips and Pin Credit Card Providers

{\pos (192,210)}What's chips and pins? Smart and smart card credit are a technology upgrading to the previously used magnet ised credit card, which is used at the point of sales (ePOS). In the case of a smart card and pen mechanism, the card holder must input his four-digit pen to verify the authenticity of the transaction.

To receive quotations from our qualifying suppliers of smart card and pen readers, please complete the following contact information. Smart card and smart card technologies date back to 1984, when financial institutions in France began to test credit card chips with a microchip. Everything from banknotes and coins to checks and credit or debit or debit card payments to the smart card that is by far the most reliable way of making payments.

What do chips and pins do? By far the most reliable way to verify a credit card order is using smart card and smart card technologies. Cardholders must then input the four-digit amount to confirm the transactions. By authenticating the card holder, the automatic smart card and pins dispenser makes the entire checkout procedure much more reliable.

However, not all merchants have yet migrated to chip-enabled terminal technology, as the migration will take some considerable amount of work. Which are the advantages of chips and pins? If you use the card for an on-line transaction, there are levels of protection such as verification by Visa that prevent the card from being used fraudulently.

A further advantage of using an EMC system is that the information swapped during a particular operation is uniquely for that particular operation and therefore cannot be duplicated. Therefore, EMV card increases the safety of card information and the protection of personal information by safeguarding the customer's personal information. In this way, they can easily make use of easy methods of payments when buying goods and providing these.

Defraud in the UK has fallen by 72% since EMV immigration. Many retailers are moving to smart card and card payments based on chips. Four main card paying system models exist: Handheld payments are found primarily in restaurant and bar environments where the card readers can be brought to the customers and kept from queuing, making transaction simpler and faster.

Portable card processors are ideal for companies that can receive payment on the move. These portable corporate credit card readers are particularly useful in areas such as quick feed supply, cab driver and other portable companies. Are you interested in receiving quotations directly from our suppliers? Please fill in the enquiry box, which will only take a second.

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