Credit Card to Card

Card to credit card

Is it possible to pay from credit card to debit card? PAYDECK can be used to make multiple credit card purchases for multiple kinds of customer support. You can make the following transactions for the payment: PayDeck is simple. Just log into your PayDeck balance, specify why you want to make the purchase, who you want to buy, and send your purchase using the card of your choosing.

Fees for comfort are charged to your credit card amount and will be deducted from your purchase price. As soon as your card transaction is received, PayDeck will handle it and wire it to the recipient's wirebox. It is not optional for your beneficiary to be on PayDeck to pay for these services. The card transaction will be handled and sent to your beneficiary within 72 Stunden of your deposit.

As soon as the transaction has been booked, you will be informed. The Paydeck SOHO (SMALL OFFICE/HOME OFFICE) allows merchants/service providers to use the Request Payments or the Invoice Tool to receive payments from the payer. Click here for more information. Invoices can be sent to the payer's e-mail address or cell phone number and the latter will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference to the method of making the purchase.

ORDER OF PAYMENT: One or more people can send you a cash order. Even if a paycheck is sent, these people are still displayed in your Current Payer page to help them with their next use. Billing method: We currently have biller companies such as Eventmanager, Hochzeitsplaner, professional fotographers, decorators, etc. who use Paydeck's billing tools to get their bills payed.

It gives payers the ability to use their credit cards to make large scale ticketing purchases for the service they offer. What is the process of the checkout process? There' s no ceiling until your credit card has a ceiling. However, it is only for the purposes of making monetary transfers, as stated above.

There is no way to wire funds from your own credit card to your own banking area. Normally it falls under the cash advance of the institution. It'?s also a way of preventing them from making it. Our own advice to our customers is not to wire funds from your own credit card to your own banking area.

The Paydeck has been used by many renowned Indian companies:

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