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If you receive a credit card, it is not a blank check that you can spend, issue, or issue. The Tally makes credit card management simpler. Taken together, Americans are nearing a trillion dollars in credit card debt." At a more personal scale, NerdWallet found that the US budget with debts has an annual mean US credit card deficit of 15,762 dollars. Entrepreneur Jason Brown, previously an employee of Voyager Equity VC, and Jasper Platz, previously a senior associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, joined forces with credit analysts and engineering professionals to present their own solutions to this $1 trillion problem: Tally, a new application designed to help you administer your credit card balances and help you repay high-yield credit card debts by providing a new credit line with a lower annual percentage rate of charge.

Mean interest per annum (annual percentage) - that is the amount of interest a credit card will charge on outstanding credit - is 15%. Ultimately this can cost tens of thousands odds in the long run if you only put the bare minimum into your account paying every single months. NerdWallet in fact found out that the US user on a daily basis with credit card debts is paying $2,630 a year in interest.

When you are eligible for a "Tally Credit Line" - there is currently a waiting list on the site and you must have a credit rating of at least 660 to be eligible - Tally will withdraw your high-yield card and then bill you for a lower interest on the same account balance.

Their new ( and lower ) rates will be diagnosed after Tally has analyzed your credit histories. The Tally is free to use and earns as much cash as a credit card business does - by calculating interest on the amount you use. This amount is however lower than what you would have payed with your credit card.

" Tally is also a handy aid even if you fully repay your credit and would not profit from the lower annual percentage rate of charge: The aim is to reduce the cost of administering several credit card accounts by automating the payment of your invoices. The function removes the risk of delayed charges, which are an important income stream for credit card companies:

There is only one user who cannot profit from the application, Brown explains: "Somebody who has a credit card never has to pay a late-stage charge and pay in full every full monthly. "Of course, there is still the obstacle to actually being authorized for a tally credit line, and some analysts fear that "the most needy individuals are those who would most likely have no real guarantee of getting good value for money.

This is a frequent misunderstanding, Brown says: "A lot of folks believe that those who wear a counterbalance have poor credit, although in fact it is the exact opposite. "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found that 81% of all credit spreads are held by persons with primes (FICO score between 660 and 719) and superprimes (FICO score above 720).

"Ultimately, the overwhelming number of people with credit card balances have good credit," says Brown. "But despite their good creditworthiness, they are still wrongly burdened with an effective annual interest rate. When your annual interest rate is high and you pay off hundred or even thousand of dollar in interest, or if you have difficulty administering a pile of credit card accounts, Tally might be a viable option to consider.

When you are on the waiting list - or just not enthusiastic about the concept - you have several possibilities. Re-negotiate the interest on your debts and automate your credit card payment yourself.

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