Credit Card Verification

Checking credit cards

Requirements for credit or debit card verification: Card Security Code (CSC) or Card Verification Code (CVC) is an additional code printed on your debit or credit card. Checking credit cards Adress (AVS) - The Adress Verification System (AVS) is a system for verifying the adress of a individual who claims to have a credit card. Verification of the card verification codes (CVV2). - The card verification key is on the back of the credit or debit card and is usually a group of 3 numbers to the right of the signing area.

Our system verifies the invoicing and credit card codes provided by the customer with the addresses and codes provided by the credit card companies.

Checking credit or debit card verification credentials| Payment credentials | Payment credentials

We accept credit and debit card with one of the following logos: To ensure that the credit or debit card check is a success: your card should have enough credit for the test payment; your card can be used for on-line payments. Checking your card is free, but some credit and debit card gateway companies may levy a small surcharge.

Checking your card also activates an automated settlement arrangement. Authenticating credit or debit cards is another procedure. If my card is not backed, what happens?

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This can be done immediately and without interfering with the client during the recruitment lifecycle, resulting in a truly non-paper and expedited client admission procedure while at the same time mitigating the risk of cheating. With CallValidate you can help: Call-validate checks: Call Credit has a lot of information that can help you verify an individual's identity and whether the information is owned by the applicant.

The ID validation verifies that an ID actually existed. Call Credit can do this by verifying that the name and postal addresses are present in our information, how often they appear and for how long they first appear. The ID verification verifies that a verified ID is part of the individual presenting the information.

It can eliminate the need for manually reviewing ID cards and help optimize customers' travel time. With CallValidate you can check whether the banking account specified by a client is correct and can be associated with the specified name and adress. CalValidate can be used as a credit card validator to ensure that the card information provided by a client is correct and can be associated with the specified name and adress.

CallValidate may try to verify the cardholder if the card data cannot be associated with the specified name and adress. Chart verification is:: Extended Card - This option associates the specified card data with the name and adress. Ticket Life - This card testing facility conducts an extra card verification against the Ticketnet.

Perform a pre-authorization test against the card to review the detail and determine if the card is on. At CallValidate we perform the following scam checks:

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