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It has never been easier to shop on the Internet and sell your goods to the world. On-line payment solutions - Google Checkout vs. PayPal vs. Amazon Payment

Unless you have programming skills or the resources to employ someone who does, you'll probably want to check out Google Checkout*, PayPal and Amazon Payments. SummaryGoogleWallet Made by Google, the popular Google Wallet Giants, synchronizes Google Checkout with Google Wallet and offers everyone with an active Google Wallet Account. PayPal PayPal PayPal is widespread, also because it was one of the first PayPal on the open and is synchronized with eBay.

It is a dependable and good value alternative for individuals who already have a PayPal account. Big transactions charges, the default leads buyer through the PayPal website, the look is bulky and a little ugly.Amazon All Hagel Amazon, heaven for shoppers. There are two Amazon options: Checkout at Amazon and Amazon Easy Pay.

This system is aimed at those who already use Amazon, but it is somehow nasty and excessively brandy. It' quick, safe and has a comfortable integrated with Google Wallet.PayPalEasy to use, automated, clients are comfortable with both PayPal and eBay, wireless browsing features.AmazonTwo option, plus checkout via Amazon Mobil. Trustworthy and intimate, Amazon's payments methods prevent frictional losses in the purchasing lifecycle.

Required Google Wallet Sign-up, chunky look, can't be associated with banking account, and only a default one. Even if you use Google Wallet?PayPalHigh transactions charges, the default leads buyer through the PayPal website, the look is bulky and a little ugly.AmazonHigh transactions charges, especially for those who are selling cheap goods. The best is for those who think that all their clients are on Google, are raising funds for a one-time show and are Google Evangelists.PayPalThose, who need a fast fix and have little research or those who are just getting started.AmazonThose, who are afraid of unanticipated charges, non-profit organizations (Amazon is offering reduced prices), those who prefer usability, and those who already have clients on Amazon.

Google Checkout was discontinued on 20 November 2013. This has been partly superseded by Google Wallet, which has no payments handling.

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