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When applying for a card, no credit checks are required. Splash. This is your pre-paid Maestro card. Not a credit check. There is no need for a bankaccount.

Immediate authorization. How to find us

{\pos (192,210)}What is 360money? Card Authorization - What if I have poor credits/CCJs? Is my card running out? {\pos (192,210)}What is a 360money? It is the UK's largest pre-paid phone service group. Our pre-paid card services offer pre-paid card customers easy entry to a country-wide recharging system of over 34,000 devices. Having a 360-money card bankroll gives you full command over your funds and how to spend them, along with the liberty to buy online.

Feel free to top up your card with real money, issue it or set it aside for later. It is also possible to check your current status on the web or by telephone. A 360money is not a bankaccount. For more information about 360money, visit What makes the difference between a credit card and a split card? Split card is not a credit card.

You as the spray card holder are always in full charge as there is no credit on the card. Can' afford to pay more than you put on the card. If the Card is used, the amount of each transactions, as well as the fees incurred, will be subtracted from the Card Credits. Card Authorization - What if I have a poor credit / CCCJs?

When applying for a card, no credit assessments are necessary. None of the elements that affect your creditworthiness, such as a CCJ, will be considered upon receipt of your request. This card is available to anyone, regardless of their credit histories, because the split card is not a credit card.

This is a Maestro ® pre-paid card. Which is the required legal retirement date for a Splashcard? Every UK citizen over the age of 13 can request a card. Spash is for anyone who wants a high flexibility and security Maestro card without the need for a banking card.

In order to obtain a card, you must fill in the âApply nowâ section of this website. The card will be sent within 10 workingdays of confirmation of your request. Will I need a banking in order to get a card? No, you do not need to have a banking or opening a banking relationship to receive a split card.

Will I need a good credit report to get a card? You do not need a credit check to obtain your card. This card is available to anyone, regardless of their credit histories, because the split card is not a credit card. Do I need a badge to fill out my card request?

If you are applying for your card, we will ask for your name and full postal number. These are required for the delivery of your card. Limitations may sometimes be imposed on your card, which can be readily lifted (subject to approval) by following these easy directions. What do I do to get my card?

You have four easy ways to make payments for your card: When you have purchased a Spash Starter Kit, please enter your one-of-a-kind 8-digit welcome coupon if you are required to make a deposit in the Apply Now section. By credit or debit card. By cashing in by purchasing a 360-money e-voucher at one of the 16,000 PayPoint branches in the UK.

You can then enter this number in the "Apply Now" section of the request for funds. When I want to buy my card with an e-voucher, how do I buy one and use it? Choose how much you want to upload to your split card. Printout this gift certificate (optional), go to any PayPoint store and indicate that you would like to buy a 360money e-voucher for the amount you requested.

You will be asked to pay during the recruitment procedure; just enter the e-voucher number to finalise the transaction. Please note: Please keep your e-voucher until you have redeemed it. If you loose your e-voucher, it is like a loss of money. â For disbursements in excess of £50 an extra 2% will be added.

Will I need to reactivate my card as soon as I have it? It is important for safety purposes that you immediately enable your card upon receipt. In order to finish the procedure, you will need the verification key from your welcome message. After verification, your card is immediately active and operational.

Make sure you have signed the back of your card in the signing field. When you want to turn your personal identification number into a more catchy one â" go to your next ATM and simply followed the on-screen prompts. When my card gets stolen in the post and I have already charged my account, is my card safe?

When your card is discarded or caught in the post, your funds are safe because no one can disburse it until the card is enabled. The card can only be enabled by the applicant. Which is a limited card? If you have a limited card, the overall expenditure cap is £3,000 per year (12months from your first transaction), of which you can issue £1,000 per monthly.

Minimum equilibrium and minimum charge on a limited-access card is 1,000 per month, excluding the limitation on expenditure per year. At ATMs you can make withdrawals for a max value of £100 per annum and an annuity payout of £1000. What should a map be limited for? If you request your Splashcard, we are obliged to carry out an identification check.

Occasionally, we may need a little more information from you before we can issue you with an unrestricted card. We will inform you if this is the case when we ship your card and give you basic directions as to what you need to do. Can I update my map?

Must I update my map? You can use your card now and you can issue up to 3,000 per year (12 weeks from the first transaction) of which you can issue 1,000 pounds per year. Minimum credit and minimum charge per card per capita is £1,000, depending on the annual spending ceiling.

There is a £100 per diem ceiling on withdrawals from automated teller machines and an £1,000 per year payout threshold. Refresh your map only if you think you need to pay more. However, please be aware that we may request that you make your documentation available within 12 month of receiving a blocking card if you wish to continue using your card.

Will I have to buy a card for my card upgrades? If my map has been updated, how do I know? We' ll notify you in writing of your success and send you back any originals you sent us. In the event that one of the items you provide is not sufficient to finalise your card upgrades, we will notify you and ask for further work.

What can I do to top up my crash card? You can recharge your card in the following way: Just use the information on the wire to load your Splashcard with funds. Then you can make a deposit by calling your local banks, going to the closest store or using their online safe payment services.

By cashing in by taking your card to any post office or PayPoint store in the UK. When you don't have your card with you and want to top up, you can buy a 360money E-voucher at any PayPoint store. Online with a credit or debit card by signing in to "Your Account" on this website and choosing the "Top Up" item from the drop down list.

They can load your card from a giro card or have your salary directly from your employers. Fill out the following application and give it to your company. Within 4 workingdays, your salary will be directly credited to your card free of charge! Please note: We advise you to make sure that your card has no annual expenditure and withdrawal limit before setting up a payroll payment.

When your card restricts your overall expenditure and use of the ATM, you must supply us with the documents indicated on the back of the welcome note you receive with your card. See the "Updating my map" section of these help pages for more information. In order to wire funds directly from a giro account:

It is necessary to get in touch with the deposit taker in order to make the transaction. Please indicate the number of your current card on the back of your card. It is the 14-digit number beginning with 1425 and located on the back of your card (see picture below):

Please note: We cannot credit your card if you do not complete and correct the 14-digit bank number. Bank wire can take up to 4 business working days to arrive at your card once it has been settled in our bankroll. What time does it take for my card to have my cash available after I top up?

Where can I top up my card at a post office or PayPoint point? To top up your card with money, go to your local post office or PayPoint store and ask to top up your card: Give your Splashcard at the desk.

The card will then be crossed out and recharged. Be sure to ask for your receipts and check the amount of top-up. Please note: Post offices have a £500 charge ceiling and it takes one working day to top up to be available on your card. Without recharging your card, go to any PayPoint store and buy a 360money e-voucher.

Go to any PayPoint store (present the gift certificate if you have already preprinted it), ask for a 360money e-voucher for the amount you want and make your payment. In order to top up your card, go to "Your account" and choose "Top up". How can I use my split card to make purchases? Your funds on your split card can be used to be issued in billions of stores on Main Streets, online or on the phone, wherever you see the Maestro® Acceptance Marks.

They can also make withdrawals at automated teller machines. When you have a limited card, you can only use your card in the UK for GBP transaction. Is it possible to disburse my funds outside the UK? When the dealer uses a different denomination than pound Sterling, we use an equivalent conversion factor to translate it into your card's denomination.

If you log into the "Your Account" section of uk, the transactions will be displayed in both your country's foreign exchange and pound Sterling (£). When you have a limited card, you cannot use your card abroad. What do I do with my map on the main road?

In order to use your card for payments, just present it at the moment of your purchase and as with all smart chips and your personal identification number ( "PIN"), please insert your four-digit number. If I have to give something back that I bought with my card, what happens? If you need to send back an article bought with your card, the retailer will process the returned article in accordance with their returns policies.

You can credit the value of your card, make out a gift certificate or provide equivalent replacements. If an unauthorized payment is made on my card, what happens? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible by sending an email to with the date and place of the transactions and your card information to

If your complaint is well-founded, the amount of the payment will be credited to your bank within 45 workingdays from the receipt of your complaint in accordance with Mastercard® rules. In the event that the verified transactions turn out to be real transactions of the card holder, a processing charge may be levied on your card.

When you have a limited card, you can use your card in the UK only for transactions in GBP. Is it possible to make withdrawals at an ATM? Is it possible to buy online? Provided your Spash Card has enough credit, you can buy online wherever you see the Maestro  Acceptance Marks, in a secure and secure manner.

When you have a restrictive card, you can only use your card with UK retailers for GBP purchases. What do I do with my card via the web? If you complete your online purchase, choose Maestro as your method of credit. Note that during the checkout procedure you may be asked for the following information, which is on your card:

It' got your name on your card. Card number (the 16-digit number on the front of the card). Effective from or to date (on the front of the card). Expiration date (on the front of the card). Last 3 numbers on the signing field on the back of the card, either CVV, CV2 or Security Code.

360money networks are safe with a split card. However, it is advisable that you take good good care of your card as you would with money in your purse. Below are a few hints to make sure your card is safe: Don't let your card get out of your hands.

When you withdraw money from an ATM, please be sure to guard your personal identification number (PIN). 360money is committed to keeping your 360money accounts secure. You can take action to help prevent your bank details from being compromised. In order to gain safe and secure 360money website browsing or 360money Split accounts browsing, open a new web navigator (e.g. Explorer or Netscape) and enter

Don't ever give your password to anyone else. You will never be asked for your username or your username by one of the employees of our team. When you think someone has learnt your passphrase, please immediately modify it and call us at to make sure your escrow has not been compromised. Do not use the same passwords for your 360money user interface that you use for other online user interfaces such as MSN or Yahoo.

At 360money we will never ask you to type your passwords or your personally identifiable or financially sensitive information in an e-mail. Don't give out any information about your affiliate program until you have signed in to "Your affiliate program" at Using "Your Account" prudently. Don't give out your bank information. Do not use your 360money balance to wire or obtain funds for anyone other than yourself or other cardholders.

360money will never send you a hyperlink that invites you to refresh your personally identifiable information such as your password or credit card information. 360money will never ask by e-mail for any of the following information: a credit or debit card number. Bankaccount numbers. And if you loose your PIN-protected card or it's theft, call us immediately and we'll lock your balance and order you a new one* - no worries â" it's more secure than money.

You can also enjoy all the benefits of your split card with your relatives or acquaintances. When you apply for an extra card, you can divide it with your relatives or acquaintances at home and abroad. The only thing you need to do is to order an extra card via 'your account'.

Then your relatives or acquaintances can get hold of your funds to make purchases or draw from the same bankroll. spash gives you extra versatility. When you have a limited card, you cannot request extra tickets. Is my card running out? Yes, your card expires and the expiration date is imprinted on the front of your card.

Tickets are available for 24 month from the date of request and may be replaced or refunded after this period. There may be a charge for a spare card or a reimbursement charge. First of all, you must login to your âYour Accountâ on-line bankroll. To check and modify this data, click on the âPersonal dataâ icon in the top âYour accountâ section of the menus.

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