Credit Cards for Limited Credit

Limited credit cards

Credit cards are issued by MBNA Limited. When you are young, you probably have a limited credit history. Both TotallyMoney Limited and MI Money Limited act as independent credit intermediaries, not as lenders. Credential Card Keys Ltd - specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of key storage systems and security products. Capital One is the exclusive lender to Digitonomy Ltd (Credit Broker).

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// Credit Card Keys Ltd. Credential Card Keys Ltd - specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of memory keys and secure product. Founded more than 28 years ago, we offer a solution for an extensive customer base in the most diverse sectors such as automotives, facility management, healthcare, retailing and logistic.

Delivering top of the line product with outstanding levels of after sales support to guarantee long-term relationship. For information about any of our product or safety solution, please call 0121 445 4551 or browse our website at

rental terms

Often, however, there is the possibility of another method of payment after the rental period has expired, provided that certain conditions are met. *If you book a vehicle with a debit card, you must present both the debit card and, depending on the vehicle group, one or more additional credit cards when you collect the vehicle. For all " Pay Now " online bookingings, la personne au nom de laquelle le véhicule a été réservé est également la personne dont la carte de crédit est utilisée.

MUST be the person to whom the vehicle is loued to be the same. - The Travel Agency Reservation, provided an IATA number is provided and the travel agency's credit card is used as the means of payment. When picking up the vehicle, the person hiring must present the credit card with which the prepaid booking was made for identification and security reasons.

If the card that was originally used expires or the card was lost/stolen, you must present a replacement card from the original credit institution. the card must be issued in your name and the issue/expiration date must be the same as that of the original card. When you pick up the vehicle, a certain amount will be blocked on your credit card.

Your credit line must be enough large to cover all costs. Debit cartes ne sont pas acceptées. Vouchers : Les commandes de frais divers (MCO), les bons de crédit complets (FCV) et les bons de voyage pour un seul voyage (OTTO) sont acceptés au lieu d'une carte de crédit. RCVs (Restricted Credit Vouchers) ne sont valables qu'en combinaison avec une carte de crédit. These are the airlines of the following airlines may not be used :

If you do not collect the vehicle or fail to cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to the agreed pick-up time, a penalty of ? 96.96 (including taxes) will be charged. Cash payment : Le paiement en espèces n'est pas accepté comme moyen de paiement.

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