Credit Cards for Rebuilding Credit with no Deposit

Cards for restoring credit without deposit

A card a solid choice for someone trying to build (or rebuild) their credit history. May I use a prepaid card for pre-approval and security purposes? An option is to use a prepaid credit card specifically designed to help you build up your credit. You are completely meaningless and have no relevance to how a lender will see you. Some credit card companies issue credit cards to someone with bad, weak, bad or no credit.

Refusal of auto financing at CarLoan4u

Hi, I recently went to 4 uk auto credit and got declined for a 5k pound loan with no deposit (over 4 years). My pay can vary as a self-employed but I can ensure that 1000 in cashs go into my account every single months. A £75 deposit has been paid on a 9000 pound VW Passatt Diesel vehicle which includes extra warranties and RRPs.

I' ve got another 5,000 to fund. There'?s no proof that Car Loan 4 & Loan is going through my credit record. I' ve never been late, nor have I got anything pending - but I have occasionally failed to make payment and overstepped credit lines. Borrow 7,500 over 4 years at a typical annual percentage rate of 25.

4 per cent (fixed) and a down payment of 0. 00, the amount due would be 239 pounds. I' m a teaching staff and make 34000 a year and have been excluded from auto financing by Carloan4U. My credit record is bad due to some old store/credit cards being mailed. The credit lines were 600, 400 and 450 and there is less to buy than that.

There is no common purpose with my spouse because I want to increase my creditworthiness and I need a new vehicle to get me to work. Regardless of this I have to change my actual vehicle and I have £500 - £750 deposit. It' t really my good to apply; I'd rather continue with my present vehicle than continue and be rejected.

There are also creditors who help those with bad credit, while I cannot ensure that we have a shot. In the past, I have compensated for losses in 2010 and customer cards, catalogs that are all well below the credit limits and up to date. Where can I get permission?

Hello stressed Eric, I believe that we have a subprime creditor on our board with whom CarLoan4u does not work, so there is a opportunity that we can help. Finally, are you in the voter register at your present location and do you have a deposit? I did a recent credit check that showed I was honest.

Lately I tried a carloans4u I was refused when I looked at a auto credit for £8000. We' re looking for a 2002-2004 with a value of 8000, we have a vehicle, but in the hope of selling privately for 3000 pounds, and are looking for a credit of over 2 years 4000 - 5000 pounds per year whichever interest rates you can quote.

Every old automobile was bought through life saving that was fully and without financing, but this times I want to keep some life saving on the bench. Hi, I was recently adopted by CarLoan4U for 6k+ but they wanted me to get a car that was 2008 or newer and under 70,000 mile.

Whilst our credit board is similar to CarLoan4U's, we have some creditors on our board that they do not address, so there is a way that we can get you into the vehicle that you want at a cost that you can buy. This depends on who we can get you to approve with, as all creditors have different eligibility requirements for which vehicle they will fund, but I have one in mind that allows individuals to fund smaller salaries for older vehicles (and help individuals with past problems).

Hello, I have a bad credit standing and am in a DM-planning. My full term employment is around 1400 a flat per months and I take home with me that I can demonstrate this through paychecks. Personally I have not yet requested auto financing, but I am looking for a £5000 credit and can use my vehicle as a £2000 down payment.

The only thing I can say is that we have a different credit board than Carloan4u, so there's a shot we can accept you. I' ve got about £6000 to fund, have a down payment of £500. I have a bad credit history, but that's because I've never borrowed and I can't have a sponsor because my mother doesn't want the credit for her.

You are in a difficult position, because in order to get a loan, you have to have a credit assessment done. Hello, I just signed a fiduciary agreement and wondered if I would be able to get credit. I' ve got a good gig now and make about 1400 a mom. I would also be able to lift a £500-£700 deposit and would look for £4500.

I' m doubtful about fishin' around to get a 6k pound loan as obviously these will appear on my credit record. Auto loan4u have given me permission, but are now having trouble to find a proper creditor. Not currently having a deposit, but I can probably increase 10% if necessary. When Carloan4u has authorized you in the past, we can get you an authorization.

Seems that you are getting your credit back on course and the fact that you can get a down payment if needed also will help. I want to fund a goddamn automobile. I' ve been self-employed for about 10 moths and take home an estimated 1200 per person per year. One old outage I took out.

Cardholder = £650. I' m a 1/5 credit man with Noodle. Only a few tricky moments I found myself in 2 years ago, which clouded my credit. How are my odds that such a credit will be authorized? Even if necessary, I can make a down payment of £200. Obviously I make just over 1150 a month and can at least demonstrate that for the last 12 moths.

Hopefully I would try and get to return my credit back to plain just in case I get any job in the future that requires a credit check. Maybe I will be able to get my credit back in the near term. Got around 800 deposit and would like to repay it in as little as possible amount of tim. And the good thing is that we can help those with past failures earn money.

Borrow 7,500 over 4 years at a typical annual percentage rate of 25. 4 per cent (fixed) and a down payment of 0. 00, the amount to be paid would be 239 pounds.

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