Credit Cards for those with no Credit

Cards for persons without a credit card

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On Black Friday, credit card users bend their cards amid warning of the "hype".

Even though more than two out of five Britons have warned that so-called dealerships may not be as good as they seem, they are still considering using them. Today, more than two out of five Britons plan to sell in Black Friday under warning not to "get caught up in the hype".

About 42% of Britons are looking forward to the show, and 22% specifically want to buy Christmas gifts - while 25% intend to buy on Cyber Monday, as a KPMG poll shows. Yet, the group of consumers who ? was his overarching messenger to buyers this year said they didn't want to be pressurized after noticing that nine out of 10 Black Friday dealers last year were the same deal or even lower at other periods of the year.

She has asked the consumer to be cautious not to buy spontaneously and instead to research product and price before going on the market. "Whilst retail traders are making us bombarded with pledges of large rebates and temporary selling, it is clear that not all stores are as good as they may seem. Preliminary evidence suggests that Black Friday expenditure will fall this year for the first consecutive year since its entry into the UK.

According to forecasts by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and, the consumer will pay 2.4 billion pounds for shops and on the Internet, compared with 2.6 billion pounds last year. An analyst springboard has also said that cadence and expenditure during this year's Black Friday are likely to be influenced by business pressure such as high indebtedness and high cost of life, reinforced by the upcoming events a weekend ahead of this year - before many customers are paying for the months.

The KPMG survey found that the advertising space is preferred by younger users, with 75% of 18- to 24-year-olds saying they will use the offers, against 36% of 45- to 54-year-olds and only 24% of those over 55. Martin added: "Many buyers will probably remember how the sharp price cuts in the shop led to stamps, which is simply not what seasoned customers are looking for.

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