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List of credit cards

However, the list of credit card networks goes far beyond these three heavyweights as there are dozens of other companies around the world each with a piece of the cake. Credit cards procurement and credit cards selection advice Although you may choose to pay in hard currency, credit cards are still necessary in many circumstances, such as renting a vehicle, providing a guarantee for a room in a nearby resort, making a reservation for a trip, or making a deposit in an urgent case. Cards are more comfortable and secure than taking money with you. When you are not happy with a credit or debit card transaction, you can challenge the debit until the issue is solved.

Credit cards are provided by many commercial credit institutions, credit cooperatives, retailers and other companies. Credit cards: This type of card is dealt by a bank. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are the main credit cards. Visas and MasterCard are the most commonly used credit cards. Some companies may not accept Discover.

Travelling and entertainment cards: They are also credit cards given by a bank. Such cards can offer you advantages in connection with travelling (luggage insurances, etc.) and discounts in certain restaurant. You will not be as widely as Visa or MasterCard. American Express provides, among other specialised cards, a standard and Optima one.

When you have a normal credit voucher, you are required to fully settle the remaining amount each and every months. Memory cards: This type of cards is used by a specific shop or facility and only applies to transactions in that shop, e.g. K-Mart, Sears, Macy's, Hecht's, JC Penny, Texaco, Chevron. Visa/MasterCard cards can be used wherever Visa or MasterCard is acceptable, however, some shops also offer Visa/MasterCard cards.

Several credit cards offer cashback or other inducements. Most cards with such an incentive are usually delivered with an annuity. Repayment: Discover, for example, offers up to 1% cashback. The Chase Freedom offers 3% cashback for the item you buy the most and 1% for other buys. Encouragement: Chase's Sony Gold Award collects one point for every buck you spent.

If you buy Sony products with a Sony credit or debit cards, you will collect twice as many points. For every buck you spent, some credit cards collect a kilometer. On a single map, for example, 25,000 kilometers are collected for a round-trip airfare anywhere in the United States. However, some cards may provide other advantages such as trip insurances, luggage insurances or rent a vehicle insurances.

Credit cards can be of several kinds and are available from many different banking, finance and other companies. Please be aware, however, that credit cards will be awarded upon verification of your creditworthiness. New entrants to the US will have no US credit histories, so it can be very hard to get credit cards first.

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