Credit Cards that can be used Instantly

Cards that can be used immediately.

Immediate notification each time you use your card and immediate card blocking in the app if you see a fraudulent payment. Ask yourself now: Can your bank cards do that? Immediate issuance of preloaded cards offers both flexibility and convenience.

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The PFS has designed a customized solution for the development, deployment, redistribution and servicing of pre-paid calling programs. Immediate debit cards are bought without a prescription and have no value until the client has confirmed the amount of money he wishes to charge to the cards, which are then enabled via the PFS-SMS system.

Advantages of our immediate solutions: None associated with a banking account: cards are paid for in advance, i.e. they have no credit or credit facilities. Clients can only pay for what they download. Working with Correos, Spanish Post - PFS Corroes developed and supplied Corroes Prepago, a rechargeable Mastercard that is available as an immediate download from Correos stores or on-line.

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Just open the application, touch'Add Money' and then touch'Charge Now'. Please fill in your map data (map number, CVV, expiration date). Select the amount and press "Top Up" to instantly deposit funds into your bankroll. Up to 3 different Debit Cards can be added at any one point in the process. You must have all your credit cards in your name.

Both our Starters and Plus clients have to pay a charge of 0.35% when using a direct debit from the EEA. There is a 2.5% charge outside the EEA for the use of your credit cards to fund your bankroll. Every currency is executed by the originator of the credit cards used.

Notice that credit cards do not work with this function at this point. What can I do to my UK bankroll? Which are the loading limit of the map? Can I deposit cash into my Euro bankroll? Why did my recharge fail? Where can I fund my UK bank by IBAN?

Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards

With Mastercard you have the answer: pre-paid cards. Pre-paid vouchers provide many benefits. Whilst a present coupon or conventional present coupon is often linked to a specific merchant or mall, a Mastercard or Maestro pre-paid present coupon can be used wherever Mastercard or Maestro cards are acceptable - that means tens of million merchant sites around the world and over the world.

Plus, the one to whom you give the map can use it to buy a present of their choosing. The majority of the Mastercard or Maestro pre-paid calling cards you will see are immediately available, but can only be recharged once.

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