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Utilization of spi on old loans may not recall company name O and WOW I am stupid I just realized I had just turned 18 I wasn't 16 Iol was sure I was 16 then I realized it was 2006 that would have made me 18 so long ago I was forgetting, but somehow I'll tell you the whole thing, then you can reasses if it's worth me chasing the affair any further. Allow me to explain the state of affairs, I was 18 years old and took out a FLM loans in September 2006 (now called "Amigo"), the conditions of FLM/Amigo required that a surety sign the contract (in this case it was my mother) to make sure that if I could not afford it, my mother would.

The FLM/Amigo are a specialized company that offers credit to those with poor or no credit, so why do they do the whole surety thing? For £3000 the credit was at a rate of I think was about 60% APR. Payed about £137 per months but it didn't seem to go very much down, finally the next year my mother was offering to repay the loan off and then I repaid her at a rate of 6-8% APR, much better.

Now, after talking to Amigo today, they said to me that I don't pay PPI because they don't provide it (I asked for a copy of my credit agreement), but they said to me that I pay income protection insurance, but that it wasn't for them but for their affiliate Payment Guard.

However, the only payment I ever issued checks for was to FLM, so I guess somewhere on the line Payment Guard took a percent of the payment I made to FLM for income protection insurance. I' ve done a credit review on myself and Payment Guard doesn't appear anywhere, so I came up with the idea with the above theories.

{\pos (192,210)}So is there a guysituation, any suggestion what I could do, if anything?

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