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A counsellor from a citizens' advice centre can help you apply to a charity. What do you think about the Qatar Credit Bureau's role as a support centre for public and private financial institutions? Debt Advice Bureau called. First of all, I've never used Barclays before, so I said his information was false. Excuse me, but why are you talking about your own finances with one vote on the phones?

Don't argue your pecuniary matters over the telephone with anyone unless it is the banka and you have phoned them (not they have phoned you).

â Seems like a day out to me. â I Googleled the UK Debt Management Team - no website. â Why? â - could someone else have taken one out in my name without me noticing? When you are affected, you should review your credit references for safety reasons, which you should do on a regular basis anyway.

â Or is it just a technology with which they make listeners talk and be interested?

Miscellaneous services and subsidies | Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Accommodation allowance for those on low incomes who need help paying rents. Recruitment and support allowances are intended for those who are prevented from working or from receiving statutory sickness benefits due to sickness, handicap or other disabilities. Depending on the social security contribution (there are exemptions for some persons under 25 years of age) or the amount of earned earnings.

For more information, please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website. The income support is aimed at those with little or no income. In order to be eligible, you must be between 16 and the imputation age and satisfy other specified requirements. Persons who have reached retirement ages can benefit from pension credits (see below). For more information, please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website.

Independent Living Fund (ILF) provides financing for seriously handicapped persons so that they can lead independent lives within their own four walls. From July 2015, new regulations for the financing of nursing needs and assistance will be introduced. Unemployment benefits have two types of benefits for working aged persons.

The defined contributory JSA is paid to persons of working age during the first six month of unemployed and depends on a person's social security insurance coverage. JSA is independent of social security premiums and depends on a person's incomes and earnings. For more information, please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website. The supplement for jobseekers is included in the Universal Credit.

The maternity allowance is for persons who cannot receive a legal maternity allowance (paid by the employer), e.g. for self-employed persons or those who have recently moved to another job. For more information, please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website. A social fund is intended to help with the cost of living that is not met by your normal benefits payment.

The tax credits are for persons with a child (Child Tax Credit) or a low salary (Working Tax Credit) and are demand-oriented. The tax credit for childrens can increase with the number of childrens. For more information, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website or Her Majesty's Tax and Customs Authority website. The Campden Charities is a non-profit organisation that is exclusively dedicated to distributing funds to locals.

For more information, please visit the Transport for London website. For more information, visit the People First website. On the pages of the Council for Environmentally Friendly Housing you will also find tips on how to save electricity. First Staying offers help and guidance with subsidies to house and tenant landlords from the residential area. Warzone is a non-profit organization that offers consulting on how to save electricity for house and tenant as well as rebates and subsidies for your home's insulating and centralizing systems.

On our help and guidance page you will find a number of organizations and community centers that provide impartial counselling on services and debts.

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