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Pamela Winter, courtesy of United Poultry Concerns. Akademische Beraterdienste - Hochschulberatungsdienste - FAQs - Meet Dr. Sharon Tan.

Fifteen minutes of shame

Last months news reports said that Ms. Amber Hansen's artwork The Story of Chickens: One revolution was in breach of Lawrence, Kansas regulations that protected livestock from being injured or murdered within city boundaries. Ms. Hansen is a faculty member at the University of Kansas. Initially, the city seems to censor cultural expressiveness, some of which historical, whether in fiction, musical or colour, have triggered deliverance and righteousness.

In this case, however, we are appalled to find out not only what Mrs. Hansen understands by "art", but also what her inspirations would do. 1 ] Over a number of weeks, the performer suggested exhibiting five hens in a stable in the city, then slaughtering the bird publicly and serving it to the people.

She asks us to believe, according to Ms. Hansen, that trapping five feeling beings against their will, in cage susceptible to everything and everyone, involves summarizing, gutting, slaughtering and feeding them in a collective lotluck "building a relation with lovely and singular creatures" that "change the current perception of hens as farm animals.

Tragedially, it embodies much of the perverted debate about non-human creatures - and the way in which we envision and experience it. To him, the mechanisms that maintain contradictory ethic environments were referred to as "duplication". "Duplication is in the same class as dissolution, division and numbness, which are spiritual ways to have your pie and also have it, or in the case of Mrs. Hansen, to have your hens and also have it.

The change to his other "humane" self after "work" enabled the physician to lead a untroubled existence as a principle-loyal man of work and home. Doubled, the two selves are living like joined Gemini in their environment, properly accommodated in the same people. Duplication allows us to think of one thing, do another ethical thing in confrontation, and then consider the opposite concept and action as related and consistent.

Using this rationale, one can claim that hens are "beautiful, singular birds", slaughter and eating them and describe the experiment as a "healthy care procedure. "The cultural duplication makes us shy away in amazement when we learn that an experienced U.S. trooper who was educated to murder and started from "the most burdened U.S. Military base" butchered sixteen Afghans.

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