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LLC, Lakeland, Florida. Rich champagne refreshments and relaxing overnight stays at the Rosen Hotels & Resorts in Orlando on Easter and Mother's Day are the focus. On Easter and Mother's Day, Rosen Hotels & Resorts in Orlando will celebrate with festive Brunches and welcome packs for the whole NPH community. Rosen Hotels & Resorts offer delicious sea food sandwiches, morning entrées, lettuce, deserts and more - backed by Christmas glass of champaign to toasts - and fulfil more than any Easter and Mother's Day Brunching Expectations by allowing more room for important things like enjoying your stay with your loved ones, sunbathing and enjoying your vacation in the real sense of gratitude and serenity.

The free park service is always available to all those who dine in one of the restaurant hotels. As well as the famous refreshments, visitors can take advantage of weekends during Easter and Mother's Day - another wonderful way to thank your mother by giving the present of happiness.

Visitors savour a sideboard with more than 30 meals, a free Mosaic or a drink of Champaign and a free park service. Gorgeous brass bouquet with soups, omelettes and carvings with prime rib and smoked pork loin; antipasti and cold lettuce, among them half-shell mussels, cold prawns, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and more; warm buffets such as Hibachi chicken grill and grilled vegetable ravioli; and a delicious decade filled dinner with treats such as doubles chocolate cake and Easter Rum cake to suit every taste.

Free of charge park service included. On Easter Day, visitors will be able to savour the best of the Rosen Centre gourmet staff for the hotel's big festive brunch. With a delicious vacation favorite sideboard combined with free sparkling wine and mimosa - from soups and lettuce to crispy fruits and cheeses, a shellfish restaurant, specialties such as sushi roll and stewed pig meat, a risottos and noodle salad restaurant, dishes from herb crust chicken to stewed short ribs and a prime rib and lamb cut.

The omelette and wafer stations offer a delicious selection of sweets and a delicious selection of breakfasts. The buffet is available on Easter Sunday, March 27 from 11am to 5pm; $46. 95 per person, $17. 95 for four to 12 year olds and three and under eating free for free without taxes and services.

Free of charge park service included. Visitors are welcome to indulge in an Easter in the Blue - with this generous Easter vacation pack that features a guest room at a discounted Easter price, our exclusive Easter brunch for two with sea fruits and sushi, an omelette and wafer room and specialties paired with free sparkling wine and sparkling mimosa.

With a 20 per cent discount on The Spa at Rosen Centre®, free park services and free gym entry, visitors can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable time. Rosen Shingle Creek®'s rich Easter Day buffet offers boundless champagnes and mimosa, as well as more than 40 classical favourites and original cuisine.

There' s something for everyone from a choice of different kinds of food - like corner blinis with foie gras mousse, salmon tartare cornets and prawns, avocado & blood orange salad with pickled ginger, via dairy, fruits, antipasti and brushetta bar, to sea food, dim sum, salon and a wide range of starters.

The " make your own pasta " centre also gives visitors the chance to be their own cook. A comprehensive desert sideboard with cheese cake, biscuits and an array of delicious chocolates - the ideal finish. Inhabitants and visitors to Florida hotels benefit from a 25 per cent rebate that does not apply to liquor. Free of charge park service included.

Featuring a week-end recreation pack that offers relaxed breaks in one of the hotel's stylish rooms, the longer visitors spend this Easter - an early Easter Bunny this year - the more they cut their savings. Every Easter holiday begins with a free Easter hamper, and visitors receive a 25% discount on the prestigious Sunday Easter break at Café Osceola, as well as at the resort, Easter break, Easter break, Easter break, Easter break, Easter break, Easter break, golf course and more.

The Easter Eggs Search on Sunday mornings from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. puts investigative abilities to the test, which range from staying in hotels to giving away vouchers in restaurants, and a happy visitor finds the gold Eggs in his room. Visitors benefit from free mimosa and bubbly wine and can select from a variety of choices such as a custom-made omelette, Florida conch chowder from the broth tray or shell oyster and refrigerated shrimp.

Park Holiday offers prime rib roasts and Adobe steamship pork roasts, and antipasti and refrigerated lettuces, which range from shellfish and crisp fruits to summer vegetables and crisp baked goods, are just the beginning of a tasty surprise menue, which includes a complete desert. Mother's Day, May 8, 11am to 4pm. $41. 95 per person, $18. 95 per person for four to 11 year olds and under four year olds free of food; taxes and services not covered.

Free of charge park service included. Offering the perfect way to pamper your mother on Mother's Day, this special offer comes with a relaxing break in one of the recently refurbished rooms, a Mother's Day two person meal inclusive mimosa and sparkling wine, and a 25% discount on Jack's Place and Café Matisse.

Mum and Papa - or the whole familly - can spend a restful sunny slope days after having enjoyed a tasty Buffetbrunch in the Great Ballroom, which features a broth, an omelette and cutting room, appetizers and dressings such as home-smoked salmon and chipotle lime salmon and baby kale and edamame salad, appetizers of fried chicken and cod, and a desert room featuring Mum's Apple Crumb Pie with mummy's Apple Crumb Pie.

Availible from 7 May, extra $89 per overnight stay on demand (without vacation buffet). Is there a better way to say thank you to Mother's Day than with a specially designed lunch to join the mother and friends at Orlando's fine dinner breakfast with free sparkling wine to go with the whole host families to enjoy the festive season?

Visitors can select from a tasty range of stews, antipasti and lettuce with treats such as couscous salad with prawns and mint and fresh fruit, ragweed and an exhibition of cheeses at home and abroad. Shellfish stations with shrimps, prawns and cured salmon as well as a special stations, rice and noodle bars, entry stations and parking stations with Prime Rib and Garlic & Rosemary Crusted Spring Lamb are only the beginning of a tasty final in the desserts.

Free of charge park servicing included. In the Gauguin Café of the Gauguin Hotels you can indulge in luxurious accommodation and a delicious double breakfastsuffet. Spoil yourself for a good time in the spa's full-service lounge with hairdressing, make-up and fingernail treatments. Included in the price is a free park ticket and free entrance to the gym.

The delicious Mother's Day buffet of Rosen Shingle Creek will lure Mama from the centre of her home into the centre of our home, enjoying more than 40 meals from our committed kitchen team...almost as much as Mama works on creating a celebration befitting her loved ones. Unrestricted bubbly and mimosa wine, and a series of cooking units, there is something for every member of the household.

Inhabitants and visitors to Florida hotels benefit from a 25 per cent rebate that does not apply to liquor. Free of charge park service included. Mum can chill out at Orlando's top AAA Four Diamond hotels. Accompanied by a full stop in one of the luxury rooms or suite, a wonderful Mother's Day lunch and relaxing and rejuvenating activity, it is the ideal present to thank you on Mother's Day.

Visitors are able to spend two nights in one of the stylish guest rooms for $399 or upgrading to a nice single room suites for $499. Every booking incorporates a $50 meal and drink credit and a 25% off Mother's Day brunch, Shingle Creek Spa and custom instruction at Brad Brewer Academy as well as a dedicated "I love mom amenity".

Obligatory to reserve your room at the moment of booking.

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