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As a full-service law firm, we are known throughout Germany as a debt relief agency. Nonprofit Preparations for Panic After Holiday " Unfortunately, too few of us followed Jefferson's counsel and gave in to our desire for secular possession by using the largest of all US creations, the credit cards. No one knows this story better than Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. Just like the fairies in a garage, Consolidated's employees have been working hard to get ready for the flow of consumer who will be on duty after the holiday.

Respectfully to Bernard of The Santa Clause (I've seen far too much of the Disney channel lately), Roger Welch is the Bow Elf at Consolidated after joining the organisation in June this year as Director of Sales and Web Operations. What is Consolidated's mission to bundle Consolidated's on-line merchandising efforts and make the web an effective way to win customers?

Consolidated's managers discontinued Welch's conviction that customer acquisition via the Web would be much less expensive than the conventional tools they had used: live advertising on TV, on the radio and in magazines. Though Consolidated had previously set up a web site at , the site did not have a clear orientation. Consolidated started its first website in January 2000 as an on-line booklet with a telephone number to call a consultant.

February 2001 saw the creation of an opportunity at the Consolidated site to receive requests for advice. Before Welch's launch, the company's on-line advertising efforts included MSN, Yahoo and AOL banners and some unadministered Overture keyword campaign. Consolidated generated 80 per cent of its customers through off-line advertising before arriving.

Most of the 20 per cent of the customers were acquired through our on-line sales efforts. Today, Consolidated has tripled the proportion of customers created through web marketers' efforts to 40 per cent. What is even more striking is that this was achieved while simultaneously raising the overall customer volumes. What began with considering the amount of data that the consolidated website experienced.

Though he asked me to keep the real numbers personal, it's fair to say that Consolidated generated ten thousand hits on his website every single dollar of the year. This was good tidings because getting your site up and running was half the story. Unfortunately, the percentage at which website users turned into candidates was extremely low.

What knew that he had to concentrate his early endeavours on maximising the value of current transport. Results of the u.s. survey showed three main recommendations: This relatively straightforward change resulted in an almost four-fold rise in the proportion of attendees who became candidates. Again, Welch asked me to keep the real results confidential, but authorized me to tell him that the percent of visits turned into candidates had increased from medium one-digit numbers to two-digit values.

Well, since Welch had optimised the website to attract candidates, he was ready to boost website visitor numbers. What analysed the weblogs to understand the capacity of the on-line marketers to attract leads that became candidates? He found that the advertising banners on MSN, Yahoo and AOL created low profile ads that had a low tendency to close an app.

On the other hand, users who came to the site from web sites that were run by key users had a high willingness to create an app. He knew that those users who found the site through a web browser would be more likely to fill out an online job offer because they were proactive in following a credit advice process.

It was in stark opposition to a user who came across a Consolidated advertising ad passive, clicking on the ad and then leaving the Consolidated page without filling out an ad. So Welch concentrated his money and energies on SEM. What then followed the results of the purchases of these catchwords to see which catchwords produced the highest proportion of traffic that had finished an use.

After Welch felt he had done enough tests to produce valuable results, he and his crew split the 200 catchwords into three groups - Top Performer, Mid Performer and Bottom Performer - according to the percent of traffic that finished an app. Which found out that the best catchwords were up to 20 fold more costly to buy than the best ones.

Ironically, in some cases it was cheaper to buy a keyword that was rated bottom performer than to buy a keyword that was rated top performer. Within less than six month he has boosted the annual mean number of visits per week to the consolidated website by over 50 per cent, almost quadrupled the proportion of visits becoming candidates and reduced the Group's costs per transaction by 58 per cent.

Hope this will be as near as you can get to a credit counseling facility at any time in the near term.

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