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is one of the largest IVA companies in the UK. At Creditfix, we try to make the work an entertaining experience by spreading around the entire edifice and providing escape and comfort seats for employees to get away from their desks and quiet. At Creditfix, we try to make the work an entertaining experience by spreading around the entire edifice and providing escape and comfort seats for employees to get away from their desks and quiet. Implementing semi-annual upgrades keeps employees informed of the company's development and achievements and allows them to ask unannounced queries to the senior executive group.

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First they helped my credit and generally just put quarrels in and got a few things raised so after they had paid for the first two months of $130 a month, things fulfilled and named and cancelled and everything was good I was a lucky buyer no doubt. Then, after a few short weeks, I hear nothing from them and nothing that comes from my bank accounts I have forgotten at all.

Did I look on-line and see that they have taken it out for a few monthly installments?! And so I phoned and spoke to the First Lady who said that she couldn't help and that another woman should call me back. Twenty years later she phoned me and she was totally impolite and ignoring me and pretending I was going to get mad at her and to be frank, she was sucking on her own work and not being at all professionally.

As it had been month before that I had phoned and canceled, I didn't have my I'd number for it and there was no entry. But....... fortunately for me she did me a big favour, she said and won't burden me anymore for the remainder of the time! The first few month they increased my scores a bit and it was great and it was rewarding.

It made my Creditfix experiences really understandable... my financials were done very quickly and gave me less sleeping time. It' s nothing but deceptive folks to get your credit/debit cards to run continually until there is cash on them and the customer bases got released with mobile phone users, charity, disability, lives and just out of there.

You generally sells fake hopes in the minds of these impoverished spirits have a window of opportunity to improve their credit rating. It is possible to directly complain about articles yourself free of charge on the website of the credit agencies. PS. this conclusion is for in the US, that in the UK is a different company I believe.

I am very pleased with the credit. All that they have said will be done, and I personally am very satisfied with the level of services provided by them. Thanks for fixing the loan. After the call to verify the activity after 7 month and hear nothing from these scamers. I' m supposed to be waiting a while for the first few messages to go out, so I did.

Under the same apology 3 month later, but we will cut your payments by 50 per cent. This happened so I was again asked to hold "Get first letter ready" I terminated my banking details, two month later my banking report was reported for cheating. and it was... CREDIT FIX. An impolite ******* named Leeanne seemed to think of it as a job deserving of being higher than my inp.

Truly terrible experiences with this company, bad level of services, non-competent operating group. The creditors sent the payments to the false creditors, even if the creditor's details had been communicated to them several different ways. Terrible company! All I want is to let everyone know that Credit Fix took 142 quid from my bench without my permission, I never talked to them about anything and I was also in close communication with my bench's cheating people.

I' m ruined that this has been done and I am hoping to get my moneys back. Coincidentally, I have a very good loan and don't need your help. Fuck this company!!!!!!!!!!! I had a fistful of negatives on my credit linked to identity thievery. My credit has really gotten better after 4 month, so I can actually get a flat.

It was a very satisfying feeling. As well as not improving my credit rating and no bad points being taken away after six month when I phoned and cancelled, they made me spend another 99 dollars on service they didn't provide. Your website, which should be regularly refreshed so I can keep up with my progression, was always telling me when I phoned and reported that they had been having trouble with servers.

Don't use this company unless you just want to give your cash away. LENDING DOES NOT EVEN EARN A STERN. WITH THEM, THEN RESIGNED NEXT MONTHS. BUT I STILL QUIT ANYWAY. Me and my man were about to buy our first house, and I thought we could try to get our credit a little higher before we did.

You said it was $99 per client per months, but because we were wed, they'd give my man half a rebate. Us were said that they would be sending on our account correspondence to the credit agencies to get requests from our report, they said 4-6 week maximum. After 4 week have passed and I have not got any information about the state I called: "You should get a notification by email within the next 2 week.

You asked me to stick around and gave us a free monthly offer. Freimonat overdrawn - still nothing got. It is now "too far into the new months and we have to complete and settle the $99" even though they did NOTHING for us and it was the last days before our "free month" ended.

It' s been 4 1/2 month since the "sent letters" and nothing ever happens. Just request your company now.

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