Credit fix me


It' made the process a lot easier for me and my husband than I expected. First I heard about it was a so-called welcome letter from Creditfix informing me that they had taken over my IVA. creditsfix reviews | customer service read reviews from

We strongly advise you to use this option! Terrific boys & very good services. It was all clarified and everything was done in a timely manner. And Adrian was awesome and went the mile to help me in a hard age. Waiting almost 2 week for an answer, I then went to their on-line chats to ask for help again.

There was no timetable or excuse for me not being able to help at this point. Anyone who spoke to me in my on-line conversation had no ability at all in terms of serving customers! I' m really sorry to hear your commentary, we are always anxious to give every single one of our customers the best possible support, so it' s a disappointment to hear that this may not have been the case in your case.

I couldn't ask for better services. Our outstanding services have guided us through all our possibilities and assisted us in a very challenging period. Personally, I have had a very good relationship with the Creditfix support group. All in all a great sevice and a facilitation to get my financial situation in order.

Admittedly, felt hunted and stressful on certain dates, switching to different individuals along the way and having only one iPhone so correspond in minute letters, hard to read. However, the iPhone is not a good choice for those who want to get in touch with each other. Wide Scots emphasis, sometimes hard to comprehend. Ambiguous deceptive information that has led me to cancel a believer I should not have, leading me to distress and late payments.

Any way to stop telephone conversations and creditor deeds? Creditfixes are really awesome! Can' t give Creditfix high enough recommendations. You have been amazing at handling my case in a congenial and kind way and at the same doing a job that is always extremely professionally. Barry Gray deserves my particular commendation for his dedication, commitment and comprehension in handling my case.

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