Credit Insurance

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We offer a comprehensive range of credit insurance services suitable for all sizes of businesses and are designed to protect you from the risk of financial failure of your customers. The credit insurance becomes more and more important. Take a look at this presentation to get an overview of the most important features and benefits of non-payment insurance. The market for trade credits (TC) is growing rapidly.

Loan insurance to cover your company

Commercial credit insurance protects you against loss arising from a client not paying an account through bankruptcy, refusing to accept payment or not being able to settle under a policy. Securing your cash flow with credit insurance allows you to benefit from a number of advantages, among them:

Our services were better, we increased our activities with old clients and we started doing deals with new clients. In order to keep things easy, we have a single guideline - Modula. As " modules " of the coverage, we can thus prepare a tailored and detailled insurance for you, reflecting your specific trading risks.

It can be especially useful if you operate multiple insurance contracts to serve your different clients or different market segments. Modulula makes it possible to clearly identify and differentiate different stages of risks and needs between clients. The provision of a unique guideline fosters standardization and clarification, while the different models allow for customization and a guideline tailored to each need.

Other advantages of our Modula system are: Our collection services not only cover up to 95% of your defaults, but are also an integrated part of your insurance policies. Working in close cooperation with you, we negotiate with your clients in their own languages. Learn more about how we can help your credit insurance needs in your area.

Loan insurance and commercial loans

What is the credit insurance policy? The credit insurance will protect your enterprise from the failures of your clients to settle the claims due to you from commercial loans. Such claims may arise if a client becomes bankrupt or does not make payment within the stipulated period (Protracted Default). Each of these clients is given a rating that expresses the wholesomeness of their activities and the way they run their businesses.

Based on this evaluation of your risks, each of your purchasers receives a certain credit line up to which you can act and assert if something goes sour. You can adjust this threshold up or down as new information becomes available. During the entire term of the policies we will notify you of any changes that may affect the buyer's physical condition and his or her capacity to purchase goods or provide a service from you.

In the event that your purchaser is unable or unwilling to make payment, you are covered and compensated up to the amount of your insurance cover. Accounts receivable can account for up to one third of a company's consolidated financial statements. Effective management of your accounts receivable therefore play a pivotal role:

When your company's margins are 5% and one of your purchasers is in arrears with a $100,000 liability, you need to make $2,000,000,000 in extra sale to compensate for loss of earnings. Credit insurance will help you administer your claims and reduce your loss in the case of non-payment.

Our credit insurance solution is tailored to the scale, industry and commercial needs of your organization. Learn more about our credit insurance products for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), large corporations and multinational corporations.

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