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In France there are a number of cash, debit and credit cards, but the most commonly used card is the Carte Bancaire (CB). Skip to Why are credit card transactions rejected? Carte Bancaire (CB) Mastercard Visa - Bank Cards in France

In France there are a number of credit, debit as well as bank transfer systems, but the most commonly used is the Carte Bancaire (CB). It is used on an inter-bank base and has become a commonly used notion. It can also be used outside France in conjunction with Mastercard or Visa or Visa creditards.

Today, the CB debit cards are the default payment cards and you can draw money wherever the CB symbol is shown or use it at the counters. All over France, where the CB emblem is shown, you can make withdrawals from automated teller machines (ATMs) with the CB emblem and there is no charge, whether it is an ATM of your own or not.

When withdrawing cash from cash dispensers outside the euro area, you incur an currency conversion charge. Your base CB credit cards start at approx. 45 per year, the higher version (Premier, Gold and Platinum) from approx. 125 up to several hundred Euro per year. Although most inhabitants can be reasonably supposed to receive a credit note, albeit with terms and condition, there is no automated right to a credit note.

carte de creédit, which must include the words "crédit" on the map. carte de ébit, which must include the words "débit" on the map. Kartes businesses intended for professional/business use, with "business" on the cart. with the words "prepaye" on the map. Maps are either direct debits (débit immédiat) or direct debits (débit différé), some of which are even on the same map, so you can choose how you want to use them.

Usually the annuity is lower for Débit-Immédiat-tickets. Postponed credit card designated'Crédit' is marketed by credit institutions to those clients who would have preferred all their direct debits to have been made on a day during the course of the year. You do not yourself provide any type of current account credit or credit line that would have to be arranged with your local banking institution.

Furthermore, the withdrawal of funds is charged immediately. Within the framework of the EU directive, suspended credit is a credit with or without interest. This includes credit and debit credit as well as "revolving" credit and debit transfer systems. According to the rules, a pre-paid calling plan is a plan that allows users to receive a certain amount of funds.

Maps are known as Charts Cadaux, Charts Rechargeable or Charts for the protégés of the persons. Bank ers also issued card which can only be used if there is enough credit on the bank card balance. These maps are referred to as maps with systematic authorisation or anti-crossing maps. It is not possible to be exaggerated with such maps.

Visa Electron and Maestro Mastercard are two example debit and debit systems. Some of the large retail chain stores are issuing co-branded tickets with a single affiliate (Mastercard/Visa). However, the credit costs for the use of the credit often exceed the lower yearly fee.

For all these types of payment methods, there are ceilings on the amount of money that can be drawn at any time, depending on the payment method. It is not uncommon for a regular ticket to have a limit of 500 over a 7-day time frame, but it may be higher or lower by agreement.

According to your credit or debit agreement with your local banking institution, there are also restrictions on your overall spending over a 7-day or 30-day time frame. Smartcard based ("chip and pin") technology is used for all French smartcard systems, using a built-in memory integrated circuit which is now the European industry default, but France was the first to introduce the system.

Accordingly, you will receive a personal identification number with your credit or debit-card that you will need to use for each and every transfer. Your credit is inserted into a credit transfer machine, then type in your four-digit security codes and confirm by pressing the Confirm button. You can also buy the tickets without contacting us, so you can charge up to 30 without entering your personal number.

An icon with four curving curves to the right (similar to a Wi-Fi icon) on your map indicates if you have a non-contact or not. You can use an internationally issued Mastercard or Visacard from your home state in France, but of course you bear the foreign exchange risks and, subject to the conditions of your credit cards, you may also be obliged to make a payment charge.

The majority of credit institutions levy a commission on the withdrawal of funds on the debit or credit card, although this is less often the case when buying goods or providing a service. There are also debit and credit carts, known as the Karte de traêt, which can be used to make withdrawals either from your local ATM or from a wider area.

Tickets can be sold free on a free banking card or with a minimum fee. They may not be used to buy goods or provide a service. Carte Cirrus and Carte Plus - the first is through MasterCard, the second through Visa.

You can use the cash dispensers to make withdrawals at almost all ATMs in France and abroad. EEA banking institutions are obliged not to levy higher fees for the use of a credit in another EEA Member State than would be applicable within their own frontiers. Indeed, maps should work on the same footing as regular cross-border cash transactions, which is taken into account in some detail in cross-border cash transactions.

Other important French debiting card types are American Express and Diners Club, but they have their own payment system and may not be acceptable to all retailers. As in other European countries, in France the liability of a banking institution to compensate a client in the case of a counterfeit is clearly established by statute.

According to the Monetary and Financial Code, banks are required to refund the amount of the non-authorised transactions to their customers without delay. Nevertheless, in the event of credit crunch, the same security codes shall be an exemption from the Bank's obligations, unless the Customers have wilfully or grossly negligently exercised due diligence.

This obligation consists in the fact that the Client must use the Cardholder in accordance with the terms and condition applicable to its use and does not act in a negligent manner, e.g. by transmitting its safety data to the creditcard. Those regulations shall be applicable to a client who is a subject of "phishing" if someone is an organization known to a third party, such as a financial institution or a fiscal agency, for ill-will.

If your lost or stolen your Citizen Credit Cards, you can call your local banking institution or the 24-hour 0892 705 705 705 number. The number is available at all ATMs.

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