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The ID agent debuts ID, Credit Monitoring Service only via the channel NEWS RELEASE - WASHINGTON, D.C. - October 10, 2017 - ID Agent, developer of Dark Web surveillance and ID fraud prevention software, has made its SpotLight ID and Credit Monitoring services available via the exclusive online WASHINGTON D.C. Reseller channel.

The increase in the number of machines associated with the Intellectual Property (IoT) has created a dramatic increase in the risks that the identities of a customer's employees can be misappropriated and used to take advantage of the customer's cyber security measures.

Delivering customer face-to-face ID and credit monitoring to their staff, a tax-deductible advantage, Military Defense Officers (MSPs) expand their defences beyond their radius to their most vulnerable member - their staff. Every day, criminals, industrialists, security and safety organisations receive and resell hundred thousand of access data on the Dark Web. Staff are the biggest asset, but they can also act as the biggest weakness.

SpotLight ID can also be provided as a value proposition for staff and clients, as a value proposition to help secure and bind executives, and as a complete injury reaction for compromised people. The SpotLight ID recognizes trespassing on your unique ID long before your credit reports are up-dated.

Supported by the $1 million worth of recovery policies for ID fraud, MSP's customer base can help secure MSP's staff and customer assets while increasing overall cyber security alertness. Dark Web surveillance and ID Agent ID Agent ID antitheft security is also used by MFPs as a gateway to talk about other services and features and show consumers how to secure their most precious good - their unique electronic identities.

Dark Web ID Agent offers surveillance and ID antitheft security products available only through the Dark Web Partner channels for residential and government organisations and million of people threatened by computer crime. Dark Web ID, the company's core offering, provides Dark Web Intelligence to help companies discover, analyse and track compromise or fraudulent information about employees and customers, reducing the burden of their most precious assets - their corporate citizens.

Its SpotLight ID provides employee and customer face-to-face ID security and recovery while improving overall cyber security consciousness and protecting enterprise assets.

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