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The voting at the British Bank Awards is now open! It is not easy to answer because it depends entirely on your motivation to get a personal loan and exactly what you tell the bank when you apply. They should also make sure that you choose the right type of credit or loan for your situation. They can group several debts into one personal loan, potentially . Every bank or lender may have different credit criteria than the other.

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You are in the best possible hands when you work with us. In all phases of the reoccupation of my apartment I was kept up to date and also got a good business. "ocean finance was awesome and so useful in my job interview... they did everything with effortlessness that made it easier for me.

Top-notch services from the one I talked to. If you have any questions, no size, call us and we'll be happy to listen. Since 1991 we have been supporting more than 250,000 individuals with their financial means. from £100 to £10,000.

Guaranteed loans available only to house owners. When you need to expand or upgrade your home, we provide a range of do-it-yourself loans from our Lender Advisory Board to meet your specific needs and demands - learn more. Ocean house owners have home loans schemes available for individuals with or without credit issues.

Not only do our creditors loan to those with a flawless credit record. If, unfortunately, you have had enough to have default, a CCJ, or even failed mortgages on your credit record, we may still be able to help you - find out more. Our highly trained senior advisors provide a broad spectrum of mortgages, from high street to specialised lending.


A number of private credit suppliers will only make personalized credit interest offers to credit holders after a "hard" credit assessment. That means they commission a credit bureau like Equifax or Experian to review your finances before offering you a credit interest charge. Others, such as Halifax and Lloyds Bank, only provide loans to current clients and use the information already available to make an interest pricing determination.

The following chart gives you all the information on how lenders review your finance histories when they make you a personalized offer for a mortgage.

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