Credit Rating App

App for credit assessment

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our app, which is the first app in the UK to display your credit rating and credit account free of charge. It' s sleek and appealing styling distinguishes it from conventional finance tools, which often contain complex diagrams and graphics. In addition, the app monitors your finances every month so that you can get a long-term view. Alerts inform you every single times your new reports is finished and all changes are highlight.

As with the website, Apps do not require Apps' user to provide banking or credit information at any time, giving them the assurance that they will never be debited. Using a high-performance database search engine, the app presents its clients with proposals for credit and debit cards and other finance solutions that are customized to their individual personal finances and can help saving lives.

Launch of app for credit ratings by Capitals One

In order to help more Americans take complete command of their finances, Capital One introduces CreditWise - a free and easy-to-use portable app and website that allows more users to view and comprehend their credit profiles with ease, keep abreast of them and better them. Capital One is the first large institution to introduce CreditWise, providing a free credit protection system for everyone, including those without a Capital One brand.

The new CreditWise from Capital One is available from the Apple App Store and on-line at CreditWise, an upgraded new release of Capital One's beloved Credit Tracker, is engineered to provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to keep track of your loans. A recent Capital One poll shows that less than a third of Americans (31 percent) know their credit value and 37% have not reviewed their value for more than a year.

Capital One wants to use CreditWise to help individuals better their credit rating, better it and better it.

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