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The HSBC Systems HSBC's return on HSBC managed assets is tied to the return of various markets. To invest in a diversified asset is not to invest directly in the underlying. Prior to the installation, customers should thoroughly review the offer documentation for each issue, which explains the conditions of the issue and the associated risk.

Investing in diversified assets entails certain inherent dangers. Those exposures are dependent on the conditions of the particular issue and the type of underlyings and could involve variations in the pricing, valuation or return of the relevant underlyings, changes in interest rate, foreign exchange or credit ratings, significant or total losses of capital, restrictions on participating in the enhancement of the relevant underlyings, restricted liquidity, exposures to HSBC credit exposures and certain conflicting interests.

Through its subsidiaries, HSBC is active in various legal systems, which include, but are not restricted to, HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and HSBC Security (USA) Inc., members of NYSE, FINRA and SIPC. Where HSBC has submitted to the SEC a declaration of incorporation (including a brochure, a leaflet, a supplement and an addendum to a stock index) with respect to the offers of shares to which this report applies, HSBC has not incorporated such offers into its filings.

Prior to investing, you should review these filings in this Declaration of Incorporation and other filings that HSBC has with the SEC to obtain more comprehensive information about HSBC and these offers. EDGAR can be obtained free of charge by accessing the SEC's website at and clicking on EDGAR. As an alternative, HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. or a trader taking part in this offer will provide you with these documentation upon your inquiry by dialing 1-866-811-8049 free of charge.

Find your review on Uber

About now displays your passengers rating in the application, which means you don't have to send e-mails to Uber Technical Services or waiting to find out how the Uber riders ranked you. You must now press the upper right corner of the Uber app: It will then show you the menus, along with your full rider rating under your name: About this new way of displaying passengers classifications has been tested for several month, but now it is available to all.

Ratings are five and correspond to the mean of the responses you receive from the riders. Below are some hints from Uber on how to keep a high number of passengers: To take a few seconds to think about where you will be collected can really help your rider.

The majority of vehicles with Ueber are suitable for 4 people only. Consider ordering a ÜberXL or two automobiles. Our chauffeurs do everything they can to collect you in the shortest possible amount of work. Try to reciprocate the favor by being willing to jump into your over when it comes. Now you can tell your chauffeur that you're a few moments behind schedule by sending him an SMS or phoning him via the phone application.

Simply validate your first name with your chauffeur and ask him to do the same when you board. You should handle your chauffeur as you would like to be handled and handle your chauffeur vehicle with caution. That makes the trip not only uncomfortable for your drivers, but also for everyone after you.

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