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It updates the Insolvency Service Register and removes your data. Trade - credit agencies. aid issues In case you wish to make your payments by check or money order, the order must be sent by mail. Remember that you will not get your reports until the check has been cleared. When you are an existing client and wish to make a wire transaction, please call our support team on 020 7380 0133.

What's the point of searching the registers? Browse the up-to-date information in the registers before applying for a loan. Is the record properly recorded as pay? Were data sets that you didn't know about sent to an old adress? Once a creditor has rejected you, browse the registers to see if that would explain the reason.

Maybe you owe what you owe - but did you or the plaintiff tell anyone? See "Satisfy/Delete a Record" for more information about how to update the tabs. Couple of month after the move, look to make sure there are no records that have been handed out to your old adress without your knowing.

When you are a lessee who is about to leave a security bond, you can see if the lessor has been tried. Or, if you are a landlady taking over on a new leaseholder, look for whether they have had financial difficulties or bother to pay their bills before. Businesses can often find good references that give them a good point of contact.

You can use the registries to see if the business or trader you are involved with has a record of the judicial files. The respondent may have a great CV and credentials; the registries can help you make a more sound choice. What does the researcher' s note say? Accurate match is given when the detail you are looking for is the same as one or more data sets in the tabs.

The TrustOnline is an automatic method for searching the registers. In order to give full results, we sometimes enclose data sets that are not the same, but are very similar in name to the detail we are looking for. When a tab shows a small discrepancy of the name (e.g. orthography or only an opening letter), this is indicated as "possible" in the results.

You are responsible for determining whether an entry in the results refers to the name you are looking for. Recordings in the registers" which are not fully remunerated are unsatisfactory recordings. Remember that dismissal from insolvency does not concern entries in the register; the entries shall continue for six years.

Recordings in the Registries" which are fully remunerated and for which the Respondent has provided evidence of receipt of payment either to the Tribunal (for Recordings in England and Wales) or to the Registry Trust (for other local records) are satisfactory Recordings. An " unregistered " return is given, if the data sets stored in the registers do not correspond with the data specified in the inquiry.

If an " unregistered " finding has been surrendered, the searching charge is applied as a searching has been carried out in the registers. I have not got my research reports, what should I do? If you are a Pay-as-you-go customer, the query will be sent as a PDF file to the e-mail you provided.

In case you still have a problem, please call Customer Service on 020 7380 0133. I' m having trouble downloading/viewing my PDF query reports, what should I do? What can I do to have my results verified? An authenticated copy of a judgement, order or penalty entered in the England & Wales Register may be made available on enquiry for an additional charge of £10.00.

For how long are the recordings kept in the registers? Each record shall be retained in the Registries for a term of six years from the date of its judgement, except for England & Wales Magistrates Courts fines which shall be retained for five years from the date of the judgement. Judgements and orders payable within one calendar months may be deleted from the Register.

If the decision or decrees are disbursed outside a given period of one year, the decision will be described as "satisfied" but will be kept in the register for six years. Credit bureaus may not register or use information that is not complete or that does not comply with the requirements of privacy legislation.

What ownership orders appear in the register? However, the only orders listed in the register of judgments, orders and fines are those for which a judgement of financial nature is annexed to the order of ownership. Such orders will appear in the register once the measures to recover the amount have been taken.

Does the Registry Trust take responsibility for the information provided by the credit bureaus? We cannot be blamed for information from credit bureaus because we have no access to private information. Where are the credit bureaus? Bankruptcy Services are obliged to keep a register of insolvencies, waivers of debts and optional agreements, to keep them up to date and make them available to the general public. 1.

You can find the individual insolvency registry at The Scottish Insolvency Registry can be found on the website of the German Certified Public Accountant in Insolvency www. scott.scott. com. When I am released from insolvency or seizure, will my judgements/legal decrees be rescinded/satisfied in the registry? Judgements contained in a bankruptcy/sequestration case shall be kept in the registers for the six years prescribed by law, unless they are fully remunerated and then labelled "satisfied".

Judgements/regulations will only be quashed in the register if they are fully settled within one full year.

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