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The CFPB checks non-bank products: pre-paid calling card, repayment of debts, credit repair, deposit and security loan.

Thirty years after opening its doors on 21 July 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reported that it has received consumer grievances regarding (1) pre-paid card, (2) credit regulation service, (3) credit repair service, and (4) deposit and security loan issues. CFPB will now be examining more closely the firms in these emerging market segments.

CFPB began receiving credit card claims when it opened in July 2011. There are also appeals about mortgage claims, banking deposits and service claims, personal students loan, car and other credit, credit reports, collections, payment day credits and cash remittances. So far, the CFPB has had 400,000 claims lodged by users.

CFPB requires businesses to react to complaints within 15 working days and to describe the actions they have taken or intend to take. CFPB requires businesses to resolve all but the most complex grievances within 60 workdays. Upon filing a claim, the consumer receives a Trackingnumber and can verify the state of his claim by registering on the CFPB website.

As a rule, credit prepayments, which includes vouchers, advantage and rechargeable General purpose reusable Cards ( "GPRCs"), allow a user to advance to the funds that have been deposited and used. CFPB and consumers' associations consider that some credit ahead is less protective than credit or debit credit ahead.

Consequently, the CFPB announces that it will present a regulatory proposal to increase the level of protection of consumers provided by the Confederation for rechargeable pre-paid calling plans for general purposes. The appeal category includes: Whereas the CFPB is responsible for providing credit regulation service, credit repair is not. The appeal category includes: CFPB says pawnshops and bond lending firms often offer small credits to individuals who use private ownership or a car registration document as security, often at shorter notice and with high interest charges.

The appeal category includes: It is an integrated part of the CFPB collection exercise and serves to provide information to decision-making on regulation, monitoring, review and implementation priority.

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