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Complete help to take advantage of this and pros and cons in our Top Cashback Sites Guide. GL fees are based on your credit rating and the % rewards you receive. Reports and history modules provide cost analysis, wear and neglect reports. There are no options for Invalid or credit options for Po's.

AGB - Repair professionals

2. 2 Links to "us", "we" and "our" mean Repair Pro's and links to "you" and "your" are links to you, the individual named on this page. We will make every effort to repair your gear, provided that all necessary parts and/or the conditions of any applicable warrantee or undertaking are available.

2. Our guarantee period for out-of-warranty/charge repair is 12 month from the date the unit is shipped back to you from our office. Guarantee covers only the part that has been serviced and not any other damages to the part that has been serviced. You will be informed of any necessary repair work and your consent will be obtained before we proceed.

No liability will be accepted if the repair procedure itself reveals defects. The 12-month period of guaranty does not cover the unit if it has been exposed to further damages after the repair. If the repair is to be performed under an appropriate warrantee or liability, we may ask you to furnish adequate evidence of a warrantee or liability.

If the type of repair is outside the scope of your warranties, you may receive a repair fee in accordance with the conditions in Term 4. It is our aim to inform you about these costs before we start work. During the ordering procedure, we ask for your name and postal and other information ("Personal Information") so that we can contact you when your product has been serviced and provide you with effective customer support.

Also, we may occasionally text you to inform you of new features that we may offer. You should contact us if you do not wish to recieve text messaging at any point. This Agreement may only be changed, altered, modified, altered or completed in written form, by or on the name of you and us.

In order to assert a complaint, we need photographical verification of ALL packing materials obtained (including the external shipping bag/the external packing) and verification of the original sale of the equipment. When you are dissatisfied with the maintenance and/or repair of your equipment, we have determined the following process: a) For orders that have not yet been placed with Repair Pro's (or are on their way to us), you may always choose to void your order and we will provide you with a full refund. 2.

b ) For orders which have been placed (or are on their way to us) but repair work has not yet commenced we will provide a full return less a £10 returns fee. c) We cannot provide a full reimbursement for orders that have been placed and repair work has commenced, but we provide a free remedy for all warranties under our 12-month Limited Guarantee.

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