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I have seen and heard how many people have been helped and injured by credit repair companies. Look out for credit repair services. When you have made a mistake with credit, you may be trying to use the services of a credit repair company to enhance your credit rating or your odds of obtaining a new credit. However, the credit repair route is littered with dangers - so much so that regulatory authorities are devising new steps to monitor it.

In general, expert opinion warns the consumer against staying away from repair shops. You say that companies can give you credit repair tips, although what you really need is a guide on how to prevent credit issues at all. Alternatively, the agency may suggest an idea that is just simply poor - especially when it comes to district courts rulings (CCJs) that are statements from a courthouse that you owed cash to a believer.

"In the past there was a issue with businesses providing CCJ removals and credit repair, some of which were not possible or legal," says James Jones, director of consumers matters at Experian. "Those businesses could potentially make people's situation even more dire - for example, by urging individuals to tell lies about CJ Clubs in the courts, which could get them into serious difficulties.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published in 2012 a clarification of its standard for credit information and credit information services, credit repair and credit risk mitigation. From April 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will take over the OFT's regulatory role in the credit sector and promises stronger implementation of the principle of consumer protection.

"It should offer a more coherent view of the need for better enforcement," says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Skills. "EZV will have strong, reactive authority to address credit market issues quickly and efficiently from April 2014. "Even with the red tape amendment, says Paul Crayston, spokesperson for the non-profit credit consulting company National Debtline, "There is very little that a credit repair company can offer that consumer can't do themselves, often for free.

Example: 1. removing judgments from a credit history by the District Courts. When you really don't have to pay the dues, you can ask the courts to overturn a CCJ or High Courts ruling. This can be done if you have not received or answered the initial request of the courts that you should have paid the sums.

The National Debtline provides a guideline on how to overturn a verdict before the district courts. You can also obtain information from the local district courts. You need to go to a personal trial to tell why you don't own the moneys. "Crayston says, "If you request a district judge to overturn a sentence and have it withdrawn, and you don't have a good cause for it, you may end up in a poorer situation.

Let's say, for example, the courthouse abruptly provides proof that you received the charge after you asserted in the courthouse that you did not. As an alternative, if you have cleared your debts, but it has been determined that they are legal and you have not paid them within a period of one months, the district will give a new judgment which will remain in your record for six years.

Removing detrimental information from the credit balance. "The information can only be brought up to date by a credit bureau on the instruction of the creditors who supply and own the data," Jones says. "Get a copy of your credit reports and make sure that all your information is accurate. Otherwise, your first move should be to contact the believer and see if he solves the issue.

You can also include a corrective notification with your credit reports, and as a last step you can contact the Financial Ombudsman, who can instruct businesses to rectify mistakes. Improving creditworthiness. "It' s easy to make sure your credit is the best there can be, and you can do it yourself," says Crayston.

Be careful not to close down your old deck of postcards and not to make too many credit requests as this will make you look distressed. Make sure that all your bank account information is the same and that you submit a credit application before you move. When you are turned down because you have a bad or no credit record, the best way to increase your chance of getting a credit is to use it responsible.

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