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We help alleviate the pain of unexpected repairs by offering our customers the opportunity to spread the cost over four months without interest. Manufacturers reserve their ASC (Authorized Service Center) status for their most reliable and efficient partners when it comes to service and repairs. All paid repairs must be accompanied by an order (P.O.) or credit card number in addition to a RA.

It' worth the time and the money to use this service.

Motor vehicle warranty and credit repair trailer from?

Hello, I had an incident today that I reported to my own health care provider (Hastings) who said it sounded like it wasn't my responsibility and that they were filing the statement with the third party's solicitor. Fortunately, I've never had to take out a policy before, so I'm not sure how it's going to work, but after Hastings tells me that someone from a firm named Auxillis (a credit repair company) would call me about obtaining and payment for repair, getting a rental vehicle for the period, and reimbursing the costs of repair from the third parties.

It has its own documents and conditions which must be established before the start of the services, and proposes that there are tariffs (administration, valuation engineers, etc.) for which I am responsible, without being expressly aware of the precise value of these tariffs. While I was not sure about the trial, I thought it would be something like (albeit a simplified view) reporting the incident to my health and safety department, getting some offers from Hastings approved repair shops, Hastings agreeing to the offer, getting the job done and Hastings paying for the parking directly, then Hastings returning the third party's policy to Hastings.

Only a little bewildered and worried why my insurance companies are forcing me to go to a whole different business.

Refurbishment work

Concerning services and repair, ASC (Authorized Services Center) is reserved by vendors for their most reliable and efficient partner. Our company is extremely proud of its recognized expert repair and maintenance center, covering all popular camera, tripod, monitor and lens types including: Arri, Sony, Panasonic, O'Connor, Sachtler, RED, Vinten, Cartoni, small HD, TV-Logic, Angenieux, Canon, Fujinon & Cooke.

We are entitled as such to carry out "free" repair within the guarantee period on any legally EU originating products, whether or not they were initially bought by us. In the event that your device is physical injured, we can repair the device to full factory specification while maintaining your guarantee state for all further work.

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