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Respondents who operate "FTC Credit Solutions" agree with the FTCA.

On the pretext that their firm had a link with the Commission, in particular to persuade Spanish-speaking customers to pay tens of millions of dollars in order to increase their creditworthiness, the respondents (First Time Credit Solution, Corp., Guillermo Leyes, Jimena Perez, Fermin Campos and Maria Bernal) pledged that they could eliminate bad information from a consumer's credit history and ensure good creditworthiness.

It claimed that the respondents infringed the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act by billing customers in advance for credit repair service, usually $2,000. Leyes explained in a commercial that FTC Credit Solutions was licenced by the Commission and added that the licence enabled the firm to ensure a credit rating of 700 or more to any user within 120 workingdays or less.

The undercover phone conversations of the Consumer Claims Bureau uncovered Bernal's testimony that the firm "operates under the Federal Trade Commission, a bill passed by the President in 2010," and that the firm could "cancel" and "the investigator" a reprieve for $19,000 in debts.

The four separate respondents will have to make a combined payment of $2.4 million to resolve the charge. Furthermore, all respondents are indefinitely forbidden to resell or advertise credit repair facilities to any consumer, to resell or otherwise use customer information and to deceive any consumer about any goods or facilities they resell.

Click here to view the FTC v. First Time Credit Solution appeal and agreed order.

Intervention by third parties

To control your expenses, an effective and fast TPI system is essential to prevent the risks of lending and credit repair. Combined with the professionality and commitment of our response teams, this enables us to reach an industry-leading coverage level of often over 80%. Third-parties shall be provided with all necessary service to enable their vehicles or belongings to be restored to their pre-accident state without incurring any expense or discomfort.

Dependent on the circumstance, customers can immediately achieve savings by eliminating the need to repay loan and repair installments. Customers are provided with a fully valid V.A.T. account for each event to be recorded on their record and, if necessary, a copy to be sent to their insurer. If interventions are refused for any reasons whatsoever, we direct the case to our in-house third party defence to further monitor the costs to our customer.

Client feed-back is important. Our firm belief in delivering outstanding client services is why we benchmark our efforts against the Customers Satisfaction Survey (CSS). However, the overwhelming bulk of cases handled by the Operations Co-ordinators make our clients particularly sensitive. CSF enables us to review our response and best practice for our continual improvement programs.

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