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Fortress of pine wood

Above the second tone height. I did a few meetings on a beautiful little rock face years ago and I chose to come back to it again, first I had a way to it, but I now had about 8 meetings on it and making headway, it's perpendicular to minute ridges and tricks, it's really the straight line launch to a itinerary and I could really use a top section cable if I ever get there.

One very hung-over ped and I went there today and made Pine Tree Buttress on Luggala. It' s less than an hours to the bottom of the rock, and on the way I found this really great 45 degrees face that has the capacity for three very beautiful interior issues. It would be a wonder if one would really take a tour with him.

My first rope length was great, I went on past the fuse around the edge and hoped to run a few rope lengths together. There was a brief ascent to a broad fissure leading to the Dutch nursery beneath the cliff. There' s an interesting train from the safety station going to the right, it took a few steps to find out I couldn't find an elegant fix, so I just got a high toe and dragged.

Arriving on the disk, I couldn't see any indication of a backup being pushed up to lift the disk. I cut a jammed mother and made my way up, it's beautiful, uncovered and there are good grips. That'?s the best tone height. The last rope length lead to the boom, it was okay, I followed my nostrils and I think I kept to the line.

At the top of the last place (our fourth) of the Pine Tree Buttress. Middle edge is chilly, sitting around in the suntan for a while, I had been planning to do a trail named Temptation, but I pulled it back because it was filthy and I couldn't really see the line. The PTB was not as good as I had expected for a three-star itinerary.

Its long tone height above the plate was quite good. While the fuses are beautiful eyes with good view, the remainder of the climb was a little unclear.

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