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Which is a credit report? Which is a credit report? Credit report (also called credit file) is a recording of your finance histories kept by credit bureaus, procured and kept up to date by creditors, and published notes used by creditors to make better credit educated choices. Credit reports are of two major kinds - official credit reports and personal credit reports:

As a rule, your credit report will consist of voter list information, bankruptcy record, judgments and letters of amendment. These are the kinds of information that are seen by lessors and bosses when they perform a credit review - they are mainly used to make sure that you are who you say you are.

Our personal credit report includes your credit report and credit information from creditors who are members of CAIS, Insight or Share credit rating agencies. There are only about 200 creditors who can see your personal credit information. Loan agencies do not keep real-time credit records.

For those who incorporate the past into their credit records, creditors provide regular months' worth of credit checks, which are then subjected to qualitative checks and uploaded into their own databases. That means that credit reference agency credit accounts and credit lines are typically 2-7 week outdated, but this does not affect the value of the six-year credit histories included in credit statements to help creditors evaluate their capacity to pay back new loans.

Except for the feetprints for searching and requesting, credit bureaus do not have the information they provide. The information provided by the creditor is governed by the Principles of Reciprocity, which specify what information may be used by whom and for what purposes. Credit reporting used in the UK is one of the most progressive and demanding in the whole wide range of the credit market.

F: How often is my credit report refreshed? As a rule, credit bureaus refresh your credit report once a month, so that changes to credit amount, adverse information, or fundamental information may not appear in your credit history until at least one months after the changes. F: Who else can see my report?

Only you and persons to whom you have granted authorization to view your files. For this reason, a creditor or prospective employers need a number of ways to identify themselves before they can get your report. However, the exemption is when a claim is resold to a collecting agent who is able to verify your credit record.

F: How can I review my credit report?

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