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Government website credit report

It will remain on your credit report for two years. General advice on identity theft can be found on the government website at

The South of England will be able to check its annual credit report online free of charge.

The FBI is investigating the website aimed at V.I.P.s like Michelle Obama.

Various pieces of information on finances, allegedly relating to more than a dozen top personalities such as Sarah Palin, Beyoncé, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have been released by cybercriminals on a website thought to originate in Russia. There was a note post with Ms. Obama's details:

Allegedly, the so-called "secret files" of the website also unveiled features such as the American Express bill by Ashton Kutcher and how much real-life TV celebrity Kim Kardashian paid for her leasing job. Its website,, which showed a painting of a young woman in black make-up, had an original Soviet Union adress from 1990.

For the first time, US celebrities' website TMZ provided information on the deed.

Report: The Pentagon IG finds government credit card used for gaming, escort and other purposes.

The Pentagon investigation has revealed that some Defense Department staff have used government credit card for gaming and "adult entertainment", perhaps to discourage husbands from knowing about the fees, the Politico website reports. Pentagon Inspector General revealed proof of fees during an examination of state expense spending and is expecting that he will publish the results in the next few weeks, said Politico.

One Pentagon officer who was informed of the results said Politico that the German government may not have been paying for the fees charged in gambling houses and for accompanying and " other adults' entertainment " in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Civil and army workers who have government credit card numbers are required to make their own payments and present reimbursement slips.

"Said the officer said that the staff may have used government gaming and escort tickets to screen the indictment against spouses," said Politico, who did not name the officer. Under the 2012 Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act, government authorities were mandated to strengthen supervision of government credit card transactions.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who suggested the bill, said the legislature was drafted to stop abuses such as those revealed during testing. An 2008 Government Accountability Office report found that misuse of government credit card had increased, with fees ranging from online dating to sumptuous dinner with costly alcohol.

In spite of the 2012 Act, last year's examiners informed Congress that the issue remains. Audits by the Department of Labor revealed that Job Corps staff billed the government nearly $100,000 for hairstyles, clothes and mobile phones. Politico said three workers were laid off and two retired from the Bureau of Land Management last year after loading $800,000 dollars into their government credit card with gifts.

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