Credit Restoration Program

Program for restoring creditworthiness

Restoration of creditworthiness During 2000, this nation and most of the industrialised countries changed from the "Old Credit System" to the new "FICO Credit Scoring System". The majority of credit professionals still use old methods of the credit system because (1) they do not have the FICO recovery algorithms, (2) the need for this type of credit recovery technique is restricted because the general community is not aware of this important change, (3) the use of faulty legacy technologies is highly lucrative, and (4) they are not expert in credit and debit laws.

Keep in mind that the new credit system is built on sophisticated algorithmic approaches that transform your credit reporting information into a number. Like Dr. Grayson says: "Currently we have no competitors because we have the "Colonel Sanders Recipe For Perfect Credit". CES101 is a training system or introductory course that introduces you to the FICO Credit Scoring System.

Furthermore, iRestore has contracts with external Teaching Assistants (TA) to manage the laboratory part of this course. Their TA will help you negotiate with your lenders to try to correct incorrect, controversial and/or outdated information from an Associates Credit Report, as described below, which should lead to an improvement in your creditworthiness.

iRestore is not a credit recovery organisation and does not provide credit recovery service. iRestore is an education programme. iRestore does not provide any guarantees of credit results; however, the average student who attended this course achieved 50-100 points more, usually in 90 or less working days! 4.

The Financial Capacity Builder is an easy-to-use monetary management software tool that can be used by anyone to monitor and enhance their financial performance and gain better equity with the added advantage of reduced indebtedness and accelerated reduction of current leverage. FCB will tell the customer which liabilities to settle first so that he can conserve the maximal amount of cash for interest and settle his liabilities more quickly, on the basis of a flexible month's budgeting (your actual lifetime budget).

It also reminds you of your due date to prevent expensive delays and at the same place enhance your credit rating. Each of these areas is connected to a data base and is developed to easily administer all your lenders and have your finance information available when needed.

Join the experts for debt reduction and credit development with the help of the Capacity Builder. It can help you make all your money related fantasies come true quicker than you ever thought possible!

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