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You should make sure, however, that you inform all financial organizations - banks, credit card companies, lenders, etc. - of your name change. Exactly what is included in the Full Financial Credit Report?

Which is a credit reference? When you´re analyses your own company´s credit history, considers lending to new clients or assesses the credibility of prospective vendors, please feel free to browse the Full Financial Credit Reports. Exactly what does the full text of the review contain? Contents of the full financial statements depend on what the entity has submitted.

Your name, mailing, date of enrollment, company number, state, and submitted account(s). Actual and past exposure values (probability of bankruptcy within the next 12 months), credit limits (maximum recommended), contractual limits, CCJ summaries (unsatisfied judgements of the Regional Courts). Holdings, parents, subsidiaries, equity, stockholders, mortgages, fees and gratuities. Excerpts from the last five years of the financial statements deposited with Company House.

Export, auditing and interim management fee, overdrafts and financing to members and managers. Actual and former Board members and Secretary, incl. name, domicile and date of origin as well as all other Board mandates and pertinent assessments of risks. Listing of the 20 most recent submissions to Companies House included: Information on the company clerks, including:

Detail on the present director including: The latest 5-year numbers from the deposited income statement, showing where available: SMEs are not obliged to recognise profits and losses or sales. Please click here for the requirements for filing company applications. The last 5-year numbers from the deposited financial statement are displayed:

"The only way out of the credit crunch was to change my name.

Pierce-Jones, 35, has been persecuted several times since 2010 for the debt of another individual. They have registered for a one months free probationary period with the credit bureau Equifax and have been a paid member of Experian since 2010. Mr Pierce-Jones has been rejected on several occasions for credit card because of these problems.

Pierce-Jones works for the Telegraph Media Group as ad accounting executive. "Mr. Pierce-Jones will also be offered an annual membership to our Credit Information Monitor in order to give him assurance that his Equifax credit review is accurate," said a spokesperson. Callcredit's Noddle is a free credit reference verification tool.

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