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You' ve got three credit points. This is how you want to verify and report your creditworthiness. Perhaps you are requesting a mortgages, renting an apartment, or maybe you are just curious to know what information creditors can see about you. With all those credit review pages out there, it can be hard to know where to go.

We' ll be explaining in this blogs what you get with each credit check site and why your score can vary according to which site you use. It is a good point to know that you do not have a general evaluation. They have three credit checks from three different credit bureaus in the United Kingdom:

Equifax and Callcredit. Each credit check website you revisit will give you one of these three credit ratings, regardless of what the website is known as. Their values for Equifax, Callcredit and Experian may vary slightly. The reason for this is that not all creditors report to every credit bureau. HSBC, for example, discloses information to Experian and Equifax, but not to Callcredit.

NATO and Barclays report to all three. More than half (55%) of creditors use Equifax, 77% use Experian and 34% use Callcredit according to this Money Saving Expert* chart. Loan inquiry bureaus also have different peak values. Experian's score is from 999, Equifax's is 700 and Callcredit's is 710.

So, your credit rating could be 459 on Eqifax, 999 on Experian and 609 on Callcredit, even with the same information (share my credit rating with the rest of the community here!). That' s nothing to be afraid of - as long as your information is correct, it will not compromise your credit rating. The ideal case would be to review all three of your results - Equityfax, Experian and Callcredit.

The Noddle gives you free unrestricted call credit scoring and reporting. Earn your own points and report with CreditExpert for 30 free day, but after that it's 14.99 per pound per months. Using CreditMatcher, you can get your score for free, but unfortunately not the information in your report.

CheckMyFile and CreditAngel also provide 30 days free trial versions, which are charged every month. As you can see, there is no need to report to your credit rating and need to make payments, 6 years credit report and the main credit rating determinants so that you can enhance your rating.

One of the most important things is to review your credit report and evaluate it periodically so you can look out for changes, fix any errors and begin building your score. More information about Equifax and how we work with them can be found in our How do we get your credit report? blogs.

Anything you need to know about Equifax. Further information on credit bureaus in general can be found in our blogs "Get an overview of credit bureaus". Money Saving Expert: Chart showing which creditors use which credit bureau. From 10.4.2016 the percentage rates used in this blogs are accurate and may be subject to changes.

Equityfax: Description of the product that Equityfax offers. Then you can get your £14.95 per monthly report and your 9.95 per monthly report without your £9.95 report.

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