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Payment Cards - Your credit card repayment history will be displayed in your report. The son defeats Lozano and receives a yellow card. Hotspur Tottenham 2-1 PSV Eindhoven: Champion's League - how it was football

This is what distinguishes us from so many others in the press at a times when objective, truthful coverage is crucial. Harry Kane gets Mauricio Pochettino's page out of prison on a revealing evening when Spurs was disappointed over long stretches of the game. Only 62 seconds behind Luuk De Jong, they prevailed, but Jeroen Zoet in the PSV gate was difficult to beaten.

The merit, however, is Tottenham, who has never given up fighting with Harry Winks among their better players. It was a tremendous achievement for SPURS, who eventually did what they had to do. In 90+5 minutes, Angeino raises the golf towards Dumfries, which swirls high and broad. Spores have less than 60 seconds to live.

In 90+4 min: Spores have a free-kick to defense in a perilous area after Trippier caught Lozano with a high boots. In 90+2 min: A few handbag's between Kane and Dumfries, but the umpire starts things up again soon. From the looks of it, the PSV is on its way out. On the other hand, in the Champions League another match will take place for another one.

In Italy, the end result: Spore guidance, through an omnipotent distraction. It' s a disgusting gate for the Dutch to admit that the football is flipping from two PSV jerseys on the way to the gate, the last of which was the replacement Erick GutiƩrrez. There was a smooth train from Spurs, with Alli slipping in David that went towards the gate for Kane.

Return to first place for Spurs, who put Davinson Sanchez at the top alongside Harry Kane and Co.: 86 minutes: Losano takes the right side of the shot, wrapped in Spurs blankets. Featuring the power of the right to right, the PSV's Erick GutiƩrrez strikes a Lamela free-kick.

82 min: Big opportunity for spores! Wink's - who has done really well this evening - swims in a beautiful right-hand volley and Llorente finds a metre or two between the two PSV midfielders. Both sides of the PSV goal keeper and Spurs would certainly have been at the front.

After he was dismissed by a single match, Donyell Malen fired directly at the Spurskeeper. It' 79 minutes: It's a one-way street in Wembley, with Spurs locking up PSV while they look for a winning team. It'?s a spore life line. She makes Llorente brilliant by playing Kane, who is hammering home deep and deep. 76-minute: Spurs pour up at the other end and Zoet takes another good shot and refuses to give Harry Kane, Tottenham Commander, a sharp shot.

The PSV did well to lead Kane away from the gate and gradually repressed him to make things hard. 75-minute: Steven Bergwijn spins around the side of the pit before he hits the shot for Hirving Lozano, but his performance is relatively powdery. 74/minutes: Lamela is standing on a crucifix that almost arrives at Alli at the rear pole, but Denzel Dumfries is nodding clearly.

Could they get spores out of troubles? Spores need a target. Spores are smoking. Aurier plays mainly as a right wing, while Spur pushes for compensation. Sixty-six minutes: A snapshot of PSV defense terror as Alli asserts himself before he loses hold. Then Son bows an exertion at the gate, but Schwaab tosses a foot on it and it is far distracted.

Eriksen's turn in comes to nothing, but Scurs will try to scrape the property. P.S.V.'s got almost every man behind the prom. From today's perspective, the Spur's are not only on their way out of the Champions League, but will also fall to their lowest point in Group B, so that a possible place in the Europa League is called into question.

He hadn' had his most exciting Spurs match yet. Eriksen shoots a bullet towards the back posts and Dumfries gets panicked by unnecessarily walking into a nook. For a while the Host PSV host penalty, before a Zoet shot, gives the visitor a little break after a further increase in spurs press.

On the other hand, Erik Lamela is preparing Erikspur. Spur's immediately go up the other end, but Alli travels over his undulating exertion. for nervous Spur enthusiasts. Spores, not so much. Fifty minutes: Winks would do well to move away from Lozano before he spreads the football to Moura. SPUR's try to scrape the resulting edge, but Nick Viergever, the other PSV midfielders, are clear.

For 47 minutes, Moura did well, drove in from the right before putting the shot to Ben Davies. Good launch with Spur's. Forty-six minutes: PSV gets us going again, but Kane gains an early paddle for Hendrix's Hendrix blocking Spur. The difference in the time between Luuk De Jong's head shot and 62 seconds is that Luuk De Jong's head shot was penalized for a flaccid Wembley launch.

PSV skipper, once in Newcastle, slightly missed his Dele Alli and scored his eleventh gate of the year. Christian Eriksen and Alli have had excellent opportunities since then, but Jeroen Zoet has held out in the PSV gate. Then work for Spurs who are leaving the Champions League in its current form.

Forty-two minutes: Harry Kane goes low to pick up the bal half way, but Luuk De Jong knocks it down. Spores take it right before David's flying into De Jong. Spores could do with a very contemporary target. Thirty-eight minutes: Spur's found a lot of pleasure on the leftside through David, Son and a swimming Moura, but Serge Aurier was hardly ever there.

It is too low for Kane and Tottenham to push it forward. Wink's clean win then goes to Lozano's before the PSV striker finds his way back to Spurs' centrefield player and receives a positive card. 35-minute: Alli makes a nice run over the top, but Zoet takes another big shot to reject Spurs' midfield player.

This was a great balloon from Alderweireld, and Alli hit the sidetrap to buy a personal date with Zoet. Thirty-four minutes: Kane gets Davies' shot the least touched from the leftside, but he is followed by not just one, but two PSVs. Now Alli went foul midway, giving Spur another shot at progress.

As Tottenham tries to lock PSV up, David looks for Kane in the centre, but Schwaab, who was impressed, leaves. Dave's coming back, and he' s giving him a really good chance, like you'd think.

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