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It' great to learn about credit. Expert-Scorex launches simulator for credit for consumers Global provider of decision-making services Experian-Scorex today unveiled ScoreRight, a new credit simulator that helps creditors and brokerage firms lock in more credit and provide customers with the most competitively priced interest rate. Based on the Scorex PLUS score created by Experian-Scorex, ScoreRight provides the necessary capabilities to help borrowers understand how credit-related measures can impact their overall creditworthiness.

"ScoreRight provides our customers with a challenging opportunity to distinguish themselves with a more customer-focused franchise in today's fiercely contested credit market," said Walt Ramsey, chairman, Experian-Scorex North America. ScoreRight was designed to give creditors and agents the information they need to maximise the effectiveness of their operations".

The ScoreRight is the only software that allows creditors to directly compare the credit information of an application from all three credit bureaus. ScoreRight provides the user with a very granular display of trading levels within the accounts using an applicant's own credit information. This information allows creditors to model individual credit-related measures across all three credit histories.

This simulation is then used to help the user better grasp their actual score and allow them to get a better understanding of how their buying and financing choices can impact their overall creditworthiness. ScoreRight leverages artifical intelligence to improve lenders' operating efficiency by automatically performing the steps of manually screening credit risk information.

Using the simulator tools, an applicant's credit information is compared across all three credit bureaus to find inconsistencies and areas that could negatively impact credit value. Creditors can then use ScoreRight to demonstrate how certain credit-related measures can impact a consumer's creditworthiness. Using ScoreRight, creditors and brokerage firms can do this:

Helps customers better grasp their creditworthiness and inform them about the assessment drivers. See how credit applications, refinance, account opening, outstanding repayments, consolidation of debts, credit transfers, and more can influence a consumer's creditworthiness. Increase operating efficiency by automating the comparison of credit information across all three credit bureaus to identify variances and priority the solution to dispute.

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