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Search for companies and managing directors free of charge. You can search by company name, FTSE index, industry or region. Search for companies, company credit checks, search for directors

Prevent high-risk transactions. Each report shows creditworthiness and suggests a credit line. Up to 5 years of account and finance data accessible, includes sales, profits and losses, balances and additional paid-in assets. Verify for the presence of any CCJ ( or Scots Decree) and other disclaimers, mortgage or fee.

An inexpensive, non-binding alternative; a unique British corporate review that you can view at any time. Checking as many UK companies as you like for less than 1 pound per diem, also involves 240 corporate documentation. More than 600,000 customer satisfaction stories have been produced: Learn how to use corporate credit reporting when making potentially risky decisions.

Use our corporate reporting for an up-to-date and detailed overview, complete with account information. Affordable rates that are difficult to hit will give you a one-time review for 4. 99 or Unlimited reviews for less than 1 pound per annum. Immediately browse each and every article in your on-line business administration web site or simply down load it as a PDF.

Look for a UK business and get e-mail alerts when the company's reports change, such as the credit ratings when a CCJ is registred, when new bank deposits are submitted, changes to executive detail and more. How much do the credit ratings mean? What can I do to find out whether a business has liquidated on an annual statement?

Carrying out a corporate credit audit or a corporate manager audit can help you control your commercial credit exposure in various ways: Carrying out corporate research or free directors' research can uncover valuable information about a corporation you will be dealing with, to include the creditworthiness of the corporation, pending corporate journals and 5 years of detail finance work.

Consideration of these shows the probability that the firm will be able to reimburse its debt to you. Similarly, if you manufacture a certain type of item or render a certain type of services and a corporation wants you to grant it a loan and not prepay it - a credit, account and director account statement can give you an indication of whether the corporation will be able to make you eligible for what you are going to do.

Partnership with another enterprise? Prior to your organization entering into a partnership with another organization, use the information that a credit and directorship review of the organization can give you to determine how smart it would be to connect with that organization. Here are just a few of the ways in which conducting a search for interesting companies could help you.

Those utilities, such as directory reporting, free updates warnings and corporate documentation (you can copy corporate documentation such as confirmations and corporate accounts) should become an important part of your armory when it comes to determining who you work with and who you don't. Checking creditworthiness companies today and find out with whom you are really doing deals.

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