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The Helvetic Credit Solutions AG is your gateway to success with international receivables. The VP of Credit Solutions Job: Manages credit aspects for assigned customer relationships and prospects. The global recession, the credit crisis, increasing terrorist activity and political unrest have all contributed to an aggravated risk landscape.

Credit solutions Helvetic

Global credit solutions for today's global marketplace that deliver unparalleled results and regulatory compliancy through Global Partnership. The Helvetic Credit Solutions AG is your gate to your successful handling of your global claims. Whilst we are active in all areas of credit debt recovery service, healthcare is our key area of expertise. Combining the latest credit card technology and Old School Morals & Values, our dedicated and dedicated relationship manager will help you pay for your bankroll quickly while preserving your privacy and your name.

Where is the Swiss difference? Above all, however, we offer tailor-made solutions for every requirement of our clients. Every one of our clients has individual needs, and we work to tailor our effort to the needs and process of each one. Our debt recovery effort is always carried out in a disciplined and accommodating way, working in a way that takes the client's interests into account while at the same time safeguarding them.

With the most discerning customers, we have built unsurpassed confidence and reliability. Global demands are a challenging business, and Helevtic has a unrivalled ability to achieve our customers' objectives. In connection with our healthcare collections effort, our company meets the HIPAA and FDCPA standards. As our clients' needs take us beyond the geographical areas we directly serve, we maintain a comprehensive relationship with Global Credit Solutions, one of the world's leading credit managers, which employs more than 3,200 staff in over 80 markets.

Express-Loan Solutions

Express Credit Solutions is a company specializing in creditworthiness and financial services. And we are very proud to train our members with their federal and state rights. It is our aim to use these consumer rights to investigate and remove inaccurate and unverifiable accounts from their credit records along with investigations and disputes from direct creditors and collectors.

Our aim is to increase FICO credit rating in order to meet the financial goals of our members.

Vice President of Credit Solutions Jobs in the USA, New York

Administers credit issues for allocated customer relations and potential customers. Manages the due dilligence and transaction structure processes and works with relationship managers to provide and negociate the creditolution. Possesses the processes of writing, documenting and concluding accounts. Responsibly for pro-active asset allocation, understand the evolving risks profile of their customers and communicate this information and assessments to major stakeholder groups (internal and external).

Working autonomously with customers, developing relations with relevant stakeholder groups, collecting information and meeting current needs. Ensure that resources are appropriately allocated to your portfolios and pipelines. Manages due diligence, structural, underwriting as well as documentary procedures for all but the most complicated transactions independent. Ability to be proactive and independent in managing the asset base while making an appropriate judgement as to when further advice and commitment from others is appropriate.

Designs termsheets / deals and provides sound advice and input during the supply and negotiating processes with the customer. Our highly qualified engineering team provides imaginative solutions for customer needs. Ability to efficiently administer assets to streamline processes and results. Managing the structure, subscription and closure of credit solutions for allocated prospective and existing customers.

Responsibly managing the entire business lifecycle, from the most challenging business, to working with Relationship Management, Clients/Perspectives, Credit Admin, Law Associates and other internal/external interest groups to achieve success. Increasingly effective and accountable for managing assets. Managing the allocated credit relationship portfolios, checking information, assessing risks and working with customers, establishing relations with appropriate interest groups.

Internal communication to suggest and implement reactions to changes in customer / overall client situation. Makes sure that your investment strategy meets corporate governance requirements. Involvement in project teams, involving cooperation and coachings of employees who provide assistance to the project teams. Develop and demonstrate professional competence in a collaborative environment, encompassing industry, competition and industry dynamics, credit model, scalability and scalability of the Group by optimising operations and managing portfolios.

Outstanding credit analytics and portfoliomanagement capabilities. Negotiating skill, communicative abilities and the capacity to deal with customers in an effective and independent manner. A good understanding and use of credit guidelines and credit assessments.

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