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Loan cooperative Loan application

Getting a "no" answer to your credit application doesn't have to be the end of the story. The Manchester Credit Union Manchester Credit Union members are required to obtain a loan, but the good thing is that you can now obtain both a loan and an application for affiliation at the same go. Never before has it been so simple to submit an application quickly and easily via the Internet. For a Manchester Credit Union default loan that you wish to claim, use the links below, simply make sure you have your social security number and either your identity card or driver's license if you have one:

Manchester Credit Union members can submit their applications online via this webpage. Which proof do I have to produce? The loan application form is available from any of our office or can be download from the Members Area - click here to access the Members Area.

The Manchester Credit Union is delighted to announce the release of our new website. The Winter Newsletter 2017 is now onlineClick below to stay up to date on what's going on in your Credit Cooperative..... Thank you for a great "Credit Union Awareness Week"! In 2017 was the first Greater Manchester Credit Union Awareness Week and the start of our One-Stop-Shop of Credit....

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Your personal data: Member number. Employment details: Employee/Personnel Number Retirement No. Loan Details: While you repay your loan you must still keep at least 10 per month/4 week on your principal equity deposit whilst saving. Reductions in the equity portfolio are only available for payment when the credit is lower than the saving credit.

Finance details: Balance outstanding: Balance outstanding: Major credit cards: Balance outstanding: Balance outstanding: Auto loan: Balance outstanding: Balance outstanding: Balance outstanding: Except as mentioned above, I am not obligated to any other credit cooperative, credit institution or credit institution as a debtor, sponsor or sponsor. If I apply for a Personal Loan Plus or a new loan, I accept that I will have to submit account statement and pay slip for 3 month.

In all other cases, we retain the right to ask for these at any given moment.

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