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Current members can apply online by logging into the members area of our website. The Manchester Credit Union To apply for a credit, you must be a member of the Manchester Credit Union, but the good thing is that you can now apply for dual membership now. Never before has it been so simple to apply with a fast and simple online job interview. For a Manchester Credit Union default credit that you wish to apply for, use the links below, simply make sure you have your social security number and either your identity card or driver's license if you have one:

Manchester Credit Union members can apply online via this webpage. Which proof do I have to produce? Borrower applications are available from any of our office or can be obtained from the Members Area - click here to access the Members Area.

The Manchester Credit Union is delighted to announce the release of our new website. The Winter Newsletter 2017 is now onlineClick below to stay up to date on what's going on in your Credit Cooperative..... Thank you for a great "Credit Union Awareness Week"! In 2017 was the first Greater Manchester Credit Union Awareness Week and the start of our One-Stop-Shop of Credit....

It' re the day again. It' just a matter of pondering, getting the bags out of the attic, wondering where they are, what they....

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Members are the only ones who can apply for a credit. Lending can be given for any good cause if you show that you have a need and can demonstrate your capacity and intention to pay back. Member can apply for a credit from the credit cooperative after having accumulated 13 regular weekly savings. An initial credit must be paid back within 12 months/52 week and can be up to twice what a member has accumulated.

If you repay the credit faster, less interest will be calculated. If you are borrowing from the credit cooperative, you are doing so as a member holder and not just as a client. The BAG Credit Union credits are granted for credit ing capacities, which is twice what a member has in shares/savings accounts. When a member has £100 stored up, they can apply for a credit of up to a max of £200.

Uncovered interest on a principal is calculated at only 1% per annum on the reduced principal (12. 68% APR) and . 6% per annum on the reduced principal (7. 5% APR) on loans that are fully backed by equities. Before you apply for a mortgage, please be sure to thoroughly review the following information. Current members can apply online by accessing the members area of our website.

In the event that you have not yet subscribed to use the Member Area, you will be asked to subscribe and create a personal identification number (PIN) that will enable you to gain entry to a range of online banking and loan applicationservices. You can also collect an online job interview from our office or information centre or call/email us to ask us to send you a package.

You should be aware that your credit request can only be reviewed if you have signed the statement, signed the request document and provided all required originals. In order to handle your credit request, whether you submit it online or by post/personal, we need the following documents: at least one monthly account statement with all pages (dated within the last three months).

Loans are valued on the basis of their repayment capacity. When you are eligible for a lower interest than the normal interest you will be contacted by our credit management staff at the moment your credit request is accepted. The Credit Union's lending interest is limited by statute to make sure that members have reasonable credit availability, pending statute and authorisation.

6 per cent WAp for uncollateralised loans and 7 per cent WAp for uncollateralised loans. 5 percent annual return on loans that are fully covered by deposits. The interest rate is set for the entire duration and we do not charge any extra fee or charge. Credit bureaus and anti-fraud offices can be consulted to assist us with credit decision-making.

Each applicant is asked to explain all his/her existing credit contracts with other creditors, e.g. face-to-face or secure credits, credit/memory card transactions incl. credit card debit programs. If rating agents get a query from us, they will place a query footprint on your credit history that can be viewed by other creditors. You provide us with both publicly (including the voter register) and collectively with credit and antifraud information. b) those at the FPAs.

There will be controls such as the evaluation of this credit request and the verification of identity to help us avoid and uncover criminality and financial theft.

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