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What's the point of borrowing from the credit union? Selecting the Right Lending for You No matter what your purpose, we will help you find a mortgage that meets your needs. And we know that trying to pay back these loans can cause a lot of hassle and really burden your home budgets. Instead of refusing a credit entirely, we can instead provide you with a smaller amount.

What is the interest rate on loans? According to the laws, credit cooperatives are not allowed to calculate more than 3% per months on the reduced credit amount - so you are always definitely well off! The interest on our loans is levied every day on the difference due - so the sooner you pay back the loans, the less interest you will be billed!...

For the early repayment of loans we do not calculate fines for you. As part of the credit evaluation procedure, Freedom Loan claimants may be asked for a face-to-face meeting at the Bureau. A thorough review of your claim may include a credit review and your previous credit and other experiences.

In the past, if you've been in trouble, it won't necessarily prevent you from getting a credit - just give us all the detail on your claim sheet. We will inform you of the best payback schedule to suit your needs. It is generally recommended that members pay back a credit as quickly as possible, especially if they wish to take out a credit regularly for things such as Christmas or public holiday.

The law imposes some restrictions on the length and amount of loans. Our current credit period is five years.


Look how much you could be saving by turning to us instead of credit card, Payday loan and door step lender. No matter if you are new to Unify Credit Union or a long-time member, we offer loans that meet your needs and help you take over financial management - you can even submit your application online.

REQUESTING REQUIREMENTS - If you would like to join Unify to gain instant credit, please do not register online. If you are in a credit planning scheme, are the object of a waiver order, an IVA or insolvency, or are not currently up to date with budget accounts, it is unlikely that we will be able to grant you a credit.

Free credit counseling can be requested from STEPCHANGE, the DEBT AdvICE FOUNDATION or your nearest CITIZENS advisor.

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