Cscs Card


Applicants for CSCS cards must prove that they have the training and qualifications necessary for the exercise of their profession and that they are applying for the correct card for their profession. Certification System for Construction Qualifications | Official CSCS Website The CSCS card applicant must demonstrate that he/she has the necessary education and qualification to perform his/her duties and must request the right card for his/her profession. You can check the compliance using the on-line card finder, which also confirms what kind of CITB health, safety and environmental tests you need to pass.

Persons requesting a CSCS card on someone else's name must make sure that the requester is present when we receive a call so that they can give their agreement. The CSCS card is GBP 36 and the CITB Health, Security and Environmental Test is GBP 21. There are organizations that support card applicationservices.

When you are billed more than 36 for a card or 21 for a CITB health, Safety and Environmental Test, make sure you know what extra service you are receiving. This is a useful tutorial on how to apply: Successfully complete the appropriate CITB health, safety and environmental assessment for your profession.

You can find out which skills you need for your job with the help of the map finder. You can call 0344 994 4777 and make a 36 pound charge with a bank card or direct debiting card. You will receive your CSCS card the next business working days. As an alternative, you can also fill out an enrolment request and send it back with the necessary documents and payments.

Kindly be aware that the post office can take up to 15 working day to process your request. The majority of maps reach their desired destinations within 20 working day after use. Please notify CSCS if your card has not been shipped to the desired location within five working week of your request. Your request is deemed completed after 90 business days and a further £36 fee is needed to process your request again.

You can only request a CSCS card by telephone. Please see the Employer Applications page if you are interested in more than one CSCS card.

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