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In Great Britain interest rates are rising: Bank-of-England puts interest at 0.5% in the big hit for million of home-owners Today the Bank of England has ordered the first interest increase in more than a decade and increased the mortgages bill for tens of thousands of families. This increase will impact firstly only the 40 per cent of the 11 million UK mortgages creditors based on floating or trackers that are in line with the bank's key interest rates.

Home financiers immediately said they would raise their floating and trackers interest rates in accordance with the Bank of England. In the wake of the worsening economic downturn, a string of frantic cutbacks allowed the bank's key interest rates to fall to 0.5 percent by March 2009, the cheapest in its entirety. The last cut to 0.25 percent came in August last year after the Brexit referenda.

Borrower with a £200,000 mortgages and two per cent interest rates will see their per capita accounts go up by £24 from £848 to £872. A £300,000 home loan will see an £36 per month gain from 1,272 to 1,308 while a major 500,000 home loan will see a 60 per annum gain from 2,120 to 180.

Mr. Lea Karasavvas, General Manager of the Prolific Mortgage Finance brokers, said: "ark carney has passed on a generations of borrower who have never seen a hike in rates, the horrors of their lives. "Furthermore, the MPCs face the long-term challenges of bringing interest rates back to a certain normality after an extraordinary and unparalleled period of low interest rates since the onset of the global economic downturn.

"In the last eight years, the only thing that rescued me was falling interest rates. He was my savior because he let me administer my hypothec. "It was £1000 per person per time period that I had a security interest on one of them and that went feather to £150 per time period when they decrease tax.

"I am not against a small interest increase, but I sincerely trust that it will not be the beginning of many large interest increases that will cause many individuals great difficulties.

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