Current Commercial Loan Rates

Actual interest rates for commercial loans

Your interest rate is likely to reflect past performance, current position and long-term plans. Learn which criteria apply to commercial lending. With our set and floating interest rates, you can adapt your refunds to your individual needs.

With our set and floating interest rates, you can adapt your refunds to your individual needs. Every item used as collateral, which may even cover your home, can be taken back if you do not maintain the repayment of a loan or other debts on it. In order to be eligible, you must be based in the United Kingdom and have a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Holders of a trade must be resident in Great Britain. The store must have a tangible operational readiness level. 24.000 p.a. UK company is specialised in providing UK SMEs with visiting card support. Offer credit lines up to £25,000 at interest rates of only 8.9%. Claimants must be over 18 years of age and be able to give a warranty.

Requires active trade for at least 18 moths with a current minimum of £15,000 sales. The minimum amount your company must earn from ticket purchases is 5,000 per annum per year.

The Bank of England Change in key interest rates

When you have a hire purchase or finance lease with Santander Asset Finance and the interest rates are tied to the Bank of England's basic interest rates, the interest rates rise by 0.25%. The Unarrangeged Overdraft interest rates are tied to the Bank of England prime rates and will therefore rise by 0.25%.

Mortgage Business Interest & Fees

If you look at the charges levied by other companies, you may see some that are not listed in our rate (below). That means we don't bill you for these charges. Fee levels in such situations will vary depending on the type and scope of our procedures.

Lawyer's rates differ and you must directly transfer the fee to the lawyer. Whenever possible, we will use the same solilicitor as you. Our attorney at law fee is to be paid by you in such cases in excess of the fee charged by your own attorney. Fee schedules in this bulletin are subject to changes from period to period.

We will notify you of how high our fees will be for those contracted out in this brochure if you agree with us or if the contracted product is available.

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