Current Mortgage Deals

Actual mortgage transactions

Go get yourself a new bargain. Do you think about what to do when your current mortgage business ends? We are at your side with our unique services for our clients and consulting if required. You can also just send your application if you already know what you want. Are your current Buy to Let mortgage business about to end?

In addition to our exclusively offered promotions, we have made it simple for you to submit an application for a new offer on-line.

They can even change in a few quick clicks. Do you think of a new dealer, but not sure what your choices are? Watch our practical videotape to see how it' easier it is to change to a new dealer with us when your current advertising contract ends?

Change to a New Deal - Current Loans

Do you have a mortgage with us that falls away from its current interest rat? Are you willing to change your mortgage to another business, or do you just want a glimpse of what we have to say? Register with our "Manage my Mortgage" system and receive an individual quotation in just a few moments.

Would you rather talk to someone about your mortgage, or do you need tips on what to do best? You are welcome to call one of our mortgage consultants to make an appointment. All you need to login is: you want a consultation when selecting a new business. The Royal Bank's current mortgage began before 31 October 2004.

They have a Royal Bank Offset mortgage. You like to select your new business yourself, without giving us any suggestions. The Royal Bank's current mortgage began after 31 October 2004. You have finished your mortgage transaction and are currently charged our Standard Variable Interest Rate (SVR). 3 month in advanced you can select a new business, we will change it when your current business ends.

To learn more about the transition to a new store or if you have any other question about the transition, please contact us.

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