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Consolidation of study credits of the Confederation The Direct Loan Programme is the only programme to strengthen intergovernmental lending. The application for the consolidation of direct credits is free of charge. Use caution when businesses charge a great deal of cash for a free federal programme. The consolidation is comparable to the funding of a loan. It is possible to consolidated all, only some or even only one of your study credits.

The consolidation of Bundessch├╝lerdarlehen can be a good policy to reduce or get out of line with your standard month to month payment, but it is not always a good one. The consolidation prolongs the payback, often lowers the amount of your payment, but creates more interest over the term of the loan and expands your commitment further into the longer term.

When you are about to repay your credits, consolidation may not be worth it. Consolidation can cause you to loose some of your privileges. The most obvious issue is when you amalgamate government loan into a personal consolidation loan (you would loose the right associated with government loan). They may also loose some option and protection if you amalgamate certain government loan items, especially Perkins loan items, into other government loan items.

PLUS parents who have other PLUS borrower debt as well and who opt for consolidation with straight line credits will find that the PLUS loan contaminates the whole consolidation loan and means that they will not be entitled to redeem the consolidation loan with income-based repayments. When consolidating, higher PLUS borrower can exempt PLUS loan from consolidation and make separate payments.

Those borrower should also be able to consolidated and select ICR. The consolidation allows you to aggregate all your credits and make only one month's payments. However, this is no longer as useful as it used to be for most borrower, as almost all new government lending is done through the Direct Loan programme.

According to the Ministry of Education, it tries to match borrower with several straight line mortgages with a unique service provider. Interest breakage can occur, especially if you have variable-rate credits. The consolidation is a way to get out of the failure and return to the actual payback. Except for a few minor points, you only get one opportunity to solidify with the state credit programmes.

WARNUNG: It is very risky to combine government loan into a consolidation loan. If you decide to merge with a commercial creditor, you loose your right under the government loan programmes. Immediate consolidation loan are now the only kind of Federal consolidation loan for college undergraduates. As part of the Direct Loan Consolidation Program, you can combine funded and unsubfunded Stafford Loans, Complemental Loans as well as SLSs, Federally Insured Students Loans (FISLs), PLUS Loans, direct locks, Perkins loans, Health Education Assistance Assistance Loans (HEALs) and almost all other types of government loan.

Among other things, state or privately owned credits that are not publicly backed cannot be consolidated. It is possible to carry out consolidation with credit lines during the extension period, after redemption, during deferral or clemency. Defaulting debtors may also be consolidated in certain situations. The consolidation was already available to credit holders during attending schools.

The Congress also abolished the consolidation of married couples with effect from 1 July 2006. can be consolidated during the goodwill time. However, this may result in a lower interest for a Direct Consolidation loan, but only if you consolidated floating interest rates on a loan. Once you have consolidated, however, you loose the remainder of the extension of time.

As a rule, you will get your first invoices within 60 workingdays of the date you took out the new Direct Consolidation loan. Fortunately, the good thing is that the department on their website declares that if a loan you want to consolidated is still in the transition phase, you may be delaying the entry of repayments for your new direct consolidation loan until it is nearer your end date of the transition phase.

This can be specified when you make your request, and the Consolidation Service will await processing of your request. In general, the department demands that all borrowers request the consolidation of direct loans using the student loan. fovweb site. It strongly recommends that borrower applications be submitted online, but you can also request to receive and send a hard copy of the form by post.

If you have any queries about the consolidation of your loan before applying for a direct consolidation loan, please call the Loan Consolidation Information Call Center at 1-800-557-7392. In order to obtain on-line support in signing and filling in the application for a federal direct consolidation loan and promissory notes, please choose the "Contact" page in the top row of

You can either fill out and send the feed-back request or choose "Additional Information" and call the Student Loan Support Center at the telephone number provided. If you have any queries after submitting your application for a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan and a promissory note, please consult your chosen consolidation service to take the necessary steps to ensure the consolidation of your qualifying loan.

In the case of applications sent via email, the consolidation service provider's details were provided at the end of the email processing. When you filed a hard copy declaration by post in the U.S., the consolidation service provider's address information was available when you download or print the hard copy declaration. You can also try contacting the general Student Loan Support Center at 1-800-557-7394.

Log in with your personal data and your personal number. Select Loan and Service Provider. When you can make this selection online or when you submit a job offer on piece of paper, you should contact your chosen service provider directly. It' s difficult to know which service provider to use. Reviewing and verifying this page is very important to ensure that any loan you wanted to consolidated is contained in the new consolidation loan.

Adhere to the time limit for reply if you think there are consolidation issues or if you have chosen not to proceed. Before 1 July 2006, matrimonial debtors could decide whether to either combine the study credits of the Confederation from both partners or to combine the credits of both partners.

Each borrower had to accept that they were collectively responsible for repaying the loan. "Collective liability" means that both creditors are fully responsible for the full amount of the debt. Unsurprisingly, this created a great deal of trouble for debtors, and Congress abolished the programme from 1 July 2006.

We still have many borrower who are fighting with shared consolidation credits. According to the department, debtors with shared consolidation credits under the IBR/PAYE scheme can pay back as long as both partners face certain pecuniary difficulties. Each spouse is co-debtor for the loan and must apply for IBR. A further frequent issue is that the release in part of a consolidation loan under one of the asset relief programmes (with the exception of the release from death) does not remove the collective responsibility for the residual amount.

Moreover, according to the Ministry, creditors with FFEL consolidation common credits cannot be reinsured in the form of foreign credits and are therefore not entitled to grant government credits. The interest rates for consolidation borrowings are agreed at firm rates. Fix interest rates are calculated on the basis of the weighed interest rates of the borrowings at the date of consolidation, rounding up to the next eightth of a percent.

For consolidation credits before July 2013, the interest rates may not be higher than 8.25%. The interest may however be higher than 8.25% if your consolidation request was submitted on or after 1 July 2013. Consolidating borrower should not be invoiced emission charges. You are not permitted to "reconsolidate" if you already have a consolidation loan with FFEL or Direct, except under certain conditions.

Those doing compulsory military duty may also reconsolidate in order to use the limitations of accrued interest for foreign credits. Borrower cannot combine personal study credits with the nationwide consolidation credit programmes. But if you have personal loan, you may want to consider incorporating these into a new personal consolidation loan.

They may also be able to get a better deal if, for example, your credibility is better now than it was when you first took out the personal loan. WARNUNG: It is very risky to combine government loan into a consolidation loan. If you decide to merge with a commercial creditor, you loose your right under the government loan programmes.

As a rule, consolidation government bonds also have lower interest rates.

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