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Debt Consolidation & Consulting - Trinity Credit & Debt Management Reviews Write a review on Christian Debt Consolidation & Advice - Triple Debt & Default Mangement? I' m so lucky that I made the smart decision to put my loan in order and that I found the Trinity to help me. Very recommendable! Very recommendable to bring debt managment under check! NPH's debt advisor at Trinity was very supportive and sympathetic and at the same time helped us find the best way to free us from our bad debt.

We are still new to the programme, but so far we are very fortunate and eased to work towards becoming debt-free. You made it simple to become a member of the Trinity people. Felt great and can put some cash in a bankroll.

A great idea to offload debt at last. You provide montly payments of all your credits cards debts. Our entire credential books have been shut down and we really believe that we now have a way to get out of debt. Everybody I deal with at Trinity has been very useful. They help me to take charge of my debt administration and I am feeling able to breath again.

Thank you to Dr. Trinity for negotiating my debt and now I am able to make reasonable payment. Though I was not able to fully disburse everything through Trinity, they made the beginning, mid and end very easy to comprehend. Answering every query I had, they made it very possible to settle my debt without having to care about anything.

Since I have no previous experiences with any other type of debt manager (other than a 13 in 1989 ), it is somewhat inappropriate to say that this is the best there is. Well, I don't regret voting for trinity. It is conscious that the cash in the giro account is for auto payout and with enough to cover your home loan and all other accounts to be paid, but it is great because all I have is one single payout for all major credits card.

Yeah, I'd highly suggest trust fund debt management to anyone with high-yield debt. I can' really expect to be debt-free. Thank you very much trinity!!!!! Thank you for helping me with not booking default and being able to repay my debt present with finite earnings and credit balance that will be fetched to zero. That' s what I found out when my CC membership provider sent me a verification e-mail.

Wish we had more oversight over the result, but want to be clear with our customers and not give them the wrong information.

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