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SCD - Services de conseils sur la dette et le crédit, Mississauga (Ontario). It' s wintertime - FTC's "Operation Game of Loans" results in a $12 million verdict against the Student Loan Debt Relief Company. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission entered into a composition with a Los Angeles-based firm that allegedly offers debt forgiveness on students' loans for allegations of breaches of the FTC Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule. FTC lodged a claim against accused Salar Tahour and his firms M&T Financial Group and American Counseling Center Corp. as part of an action known as Operation Game of Loans, a co-ordinated action between FTC and a number of prosecutors aimed at combating fraudulent fraud in students' loans.

Respondents acting as Debt Release Group, SDRG, Counselors, SLRC, StuDebt and Capital Advocates Group sold themselves as Debt Release Workers. According to the FTC, however, the businesses have implemented a program that has cheated the consumer by $7.3 million. The FTC's appeal alleges that the respondents were involved in illicit debt forgiveness for students' loans and in illicit and misleading activities.

This involved breaching the telemarketing sales rule by making contact with users in the National Do Not Call Registry and collecting charges for their debt forgiveness service. You were also indicted for breach of the FTC Act by falsely showing the consumer that you were a member of the US Department of Education. FTC also claimed that the corporations explained to consumer that they were under the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 - a bill suggested during the reign of former President Obama but never legally ratified.

Pursuant to the provisions of the settlement, the Respondents are excluded indefinitely from providing any products or services for debt forgiveness and are required to make a financial verdict in excess of $12 million - $11,694,347.49 of the verdict, which is the estimate of the amount of harm to the consumer resulting from the Respondent's acts.

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